Bear run over and killed in Val di Sole by a pirate of the road: “He fled after having overwhelmed her”

Bear run over and killed in Val di Sole by a pirate of the road: “He fled after having overwhelmed her”
Bear run over and killed in Val di Sole by a pirate of the road: “He fled after having overwhelmed her”
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The dead bear cub in Alta Val di Sole (Wildlife Service Archive)

Tragedy in the upper Val di Sole. A teddy bear of about seven months of age and 20 kilos of weight died in the night between August 31st and September 1st. The cause? An investment: a motorist hit her on the Tonale state road 42, and she didn’t stop. she died instantly, with a fatal head injury. For this reason, the National Animal Protection Agency (Enpa) has launched a campaign: Who has seen, speak !, to stigmatize the failure to rescue animals.

The bear with two cubs already known and followed

The identity of the bear may be known. We know there a she-bear with two cubs. Our hypothesis that the puppy is from that family, even if we have to ascertain it, reveals Claudio Groff of the Large Carnivores service of the province. Although bears with cubs are dangerous and tend to engage in threatening behavior in defense of their children, pFor the inhabitants of the Val di Sole there should be no particular problems. In some conditions the bears can be stressed in close encounters – continues Groff – all explained on our website ( But in this case it all happened very quickly. The bear must have realized that the puppy could no longer follow her and continued on her way. Now he will devote himself to the other little one.

Insurance for bearers

There is no doubt that this is an investment, since the animal was found on the side of the road. When the firefighters and the forestry arrived on the spot, the little girl had already been dead for a few hours. The identity of the driver is not known. In the past, accidents of this type were covered by public insurance. This led to more reports of events of this type. While now the individual policy and not everyone stipulates it. Hence the interest in communicating investments to the detriment of wildlife to the authorities. This is a logic rejected by the ENPA, precisely because the failure to rescue animals would endanger the process of re-insertion in nature of bears, which are on the verge of extinction.

Enpa’s condemnation: Faced with similar things, there is no escape

The sentence by the Enpa net: Accident? The doubt is there, because whoever accidentally hits an animal stops, calls for help, does not run away like a thief in the night – so we read in the note released after the incident – Also because the collision with a body weighing 20 kilos causes the investor to skid and damage. The doubt is all the stronger, because a short time ago, in the night between 13 and 14 May, a heavier and larger young bear was run over and abandoned in the locality of Crescino in Val di Non: if it had not been seen by those who passed on the road, he would certainly die.

The precedent of M-78 released after veterinary treatment

The reference to M-78, a bear released in the lower Val di Non last June after being treated by the veterinarians of the Province. We followed him for a few months with the radio collar – reveals Groff – has shown remarkable mobility, even on rough terrain. This shows good health. It has shown an elusive behavior typical of the species and this is very positive. A few weeks ago the radio collar came off by himself. one thing that happens.

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