The archbishop of Milan: “I am not a cardinal? The Pope will think that I am busy” – Chronicle

The archbishop of Milan: “I am not a cardinal? The Pope will think that I am busy” – Chronicle
The archbishop of Milan: “I am not a cardinal? The Pope will think that I am busy” – Chronicle
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“Perhaps you remember that lofty expression of ancient wisdom that said that there are three things that not even the Eternal Father knows” and one “is what the Jesuits think”: the archbishop of Milan, Monsignor Mario Delpini, said it yesterday during the pontifical for Sant’Abbondio, patron saint of Como, a city whose bishop Oscar Cantoni has recently been appointed cardinal, unlike Delpini himself, who was still archbishop, as shown in the video by EspipendenzaTv.

“There have been some somewhat brazen people who have wondered why the pope did not choose the metropolitan to be cardinal and instead chose the bishop of Como,” said Delpini before the jab at the Pope who is a Jesuit. “In this choice it seems to me that the wisdom of the Holy Father is clearly revealed. Why did you choose the bishop of Como to be his particular adviser? I have found at least three reasons.

The first – he listed – is that the Pope must have thought that the archbishop of Milan already has a lot to do, he is overloaded with work, and therefore he said: ‘the bishop of Como must also work a little and therefore he has thought I’d give you some work too. The second reason is that the Pope probably thought: those ‘bauscias’ of Milan do not even know where Rome is, so it is better not to involve them too much in the governance of the universal Church. And perhaps there is also a third reason. If I remember correctly, the pope is a fan of River, who has never won anything, and perhaps he thought that those from Como could be a bit in tune because we know that the Scudetto is in Milan. “

An irony, before the good wishes to the new cardinal, which to some seemed out, with on twitter those who speak precisely of “too much irony” and offenses to the Pope. “An archbishop, that of Milan, who mocked the Pope in public and a confrere because his seat is still without purple was something that was still missing from the collection. In the meantime, officially, the Synod is being held to question us about the future of the Church “, commented Don Marco Pozza on social media.

From the Curia of Milan no official comment in the belief that Delpini’s previous statements on Pope Francis show that there is no form of criticism or antagonism. (HANDLE).


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