Sport in September in Romagna: from the Misano MotoGP to the Iroman of Cervia

Sport in September in Romagna: from the Misano MotoGP to the Iroman of Cervia
Sport in September in Romagna: from the Misano MotoGP to the Iroman of Cervia
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Sport and tourism, a winning combination. The major events on the September calendar promote sports, help the tourism sector and extend the summer of Emilia-Romagna.

From the Misano Adriatico Moto GP to the Cervia Ironman, from the Davis Cup in Bologna to the Motorboat World Championship in Piacenza; in the next thirty days the Sport Valley will host seven international events who will welcome here thousands of athletes, companions and the public from all over the world. To watch the sport show.

Only with regards to the events of the Riviera – Grand Prix of San Marino and the Riviera of Rimini, Italian Bike Festival, Ironman Italy, Judo European Open, World Swimming Lifesaving Championships– in fact, they are estimated 192 thousand tourists in accommodation facilities and a turnover of over 55 million euros in accommodation, catering, shopping and services.

The program of September events, which are part of the Sport Valley calendar supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the data processed by the Regional Tourism Observatory on the tourist / economic impact of the events on the Riviera, were presented today at a press conference by the president. of the region, by the regional councilor for tourism and by the head of the political secretariat of the Presidency.

The appointments

The first date is from 2 to 4 September in Misano Adriatico with the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera, at the ‘Marco Simoncelli’ circuit. Here, starting from the study conducted on a sample that takes into account various empirical indicators and findings, theRegional Observatory estimated 95,000 participants (including athletes, accompanying persons, technical and public staff), 115 thousand tourist presences (given that it detects the nights spent in the accommodation facilities) and an economic impact on the territory of 43 million euros. In practice, for an investment of one euro for the organization of the Grand Prix in the territory, an induced expenditure of over 7 euro is activated.

Always a Misano Adriatico, from 9 to 11 September the Italian Bike Festival will bring 35 thousand participants27 thousand presences and 5.7 million euros of related activities in the area.


From the 10 to 16 September, the Judo European Open in Riccione counts 800 participants: expected 4 thousand presences and an induced of about 400 thousand euros.

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Great expectations also for the triathlon and the Ironman Italy Emilia-Romagna of Cervia where from 16 to 18 September 3 thousand participants will compete with 30 thousand tourist presences and an economic fallout of 4.8 million euros.

In Riccione, for the Lifesaving absolute world championships (lifesaving swimming), which will be held from September 17 to October 3, are expected 2,500 participants, for 16 thousand tourist presences and a turnover calculated of 1 million and 250 thousand euros.

Numbers that are very positive and destined to rise. In fact, the numbers generated by the Davis Cup by Rakuten, which arrives at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno (BO) from 13 to 18 September and which to date already has over 16 thousand tickets sold, will also be added to these values.

And those of the two stages of the F1 Motorboating World Championship that will take place in San Nazzaro, a hamlet of the Municipality of Monticelli d’Ongina, in the province of Piacenza, a splendid window on the river Po, on the weekend of 23-25 ​​September.

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