West Nile: 4 new cases in Oristano, in all they rise to 6 – Sardinia

West Nile: 4 new cases in Oristano, in all they rise to 6 – Sardinia
West Nile: 4 new cases in Oristano, in all they rise to 6 – Sardinia
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Everyone is over 60 years old

Four cases of Nile Fever have been ascertained between yesterday and today in the province of Oristano, and are added to the two already diagnosed in recent days by the Analysis Laboratory of the University Hospital of Cagliari. Five of the six patients are hospitalized at the San Martino hospital, while the sixth is at Brotzu in Cagliari.

All subjects, who are over 60 years old and have previous pathologies, are kept under constant observation and monitored. The Prevention Department of the Asl of Oristano, as soon as it had confirmed the positivity to the West Nile virus, sent to the Municipalities of residence of the patients (Oristano and Simaxis) the ordinance proposal for the strengthening of the prevention and protection measures, already activated with the beginning of the summer season.

To take stock of the situation, this afternoon a new Crisis Unit chaired by the medical director Antonio Maria Pinna was convened at the headquarters of the ASL of Oristano, in which the directors of the Hygiene and Public Health Service, the Veterinary Service of Animal Health and hospital departments where patients are hospitalized.

Also present was the manager of the Environment service of the Province of Oristano. The meeting gave rise to the decision to further strengthen the remediation actions launched since the spring, through targeted disinfestation interventions in the sites where the positive cases have occurred and in the areas at greatest risk, in line with the provisions of national protocols. In addition, awareness raising and information activities to the population on the measures to be taken to prevent the disease will be made more widespread.


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