on 6 September there is finally the CIG – Targatocn.it

on 6 September there is finally the CIG – Targatocn.it
on 6 September there is finally the CIG – Targatocn.it
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Probably on September 6th. The exact date is not yet official, but next week the Intergovernmental Conference (CIG) between Italy and France will finally be convened for the approval of the executive project and the schedule of the Tenda bis.

“It was supposed to be 5, but pthey probably moved it again – to speak is the mayor of Roccavione and vice president of the Montana Alpi Marittime Union, Germana AvenaAnd cAs always we will not know anything until the last moment “.

Avena has a keen desire to confront each other, but she will have to be content with doing it via videoconference, a practice in the meetings of our times.

On the other hand, the extraordinary commissioner for the Tenda bis, Nicola Priscohas never been at home in these parts: “The last time we saw him in person? Practically mto the. C.he la Cig would be summoned in early September we discovered this by reading the observations to the policy document raised by French. And also to have those we had to requestLand loudly“.

From those papers it would appear that i “details” specified by Prisco in the videoconference with the mayors of Val Vermenagna at the beginning of August (“nothing insurmountable and of an exquisitely technical nature “)just details would not be: “I have read them carefully those remarks – continues Avena and I jumped in the chair. S.ulla landslide and on new viaduct are technical, but far from that irrelevant“.

For example, the final expense for the construction of the viaduct over the Rio Cà. Oats: “THE French have compared the costs of rebuilding the bridges facts in Val Roya with what was budgeted for the Rio Cà: a significant negative difference would emerge ”. The budgeted figure may not be enough.

In the observations, beyond the Alps, perplexity is also expressed about the delivery times of the work: Anas claims they will be respected, but talk about ‘construction site configuration’. Which meantherebbe that the tunnel could be open to traffic (and I don’t believe it) to work not still finished “.

The proposed transit method is curious: “Alternating one-way amediante B.Caccompaniment of users with a safety car. With the limitations of the case: from waiting times to travel times on the entire road section.


The “Vassallo of Val Vermenagna ” is a river in flood: “We need to know. We are asked by the citizens who contact me daily for clarification. The other day two Frenchmen came with a house in Robilante: I kindly told them to contact their mayor, who apparently knows more than we do ”.

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Germana Avena, a fervent supporter since the first hour of the low-altitude tunnel, says, without fear of being denied, that she does not believe the delivery times proposed by Anas: “Dtwo years ago he didro a chrono program on retouched photographs. Priscus gets angry when I say this, but in my house the renderings Not I am of course photo with over a trace of felt-tip pen. Perhaps embellished with two leaves to represent spring and some flaccor of snow for the winter, but still photos remain and these are also badly done. IS the bridge was drawn without think about thethe landslide, the most dramatic part of the situationzione on which the observations and doubts are based dand francesthe. D.i there is state drawn up a chrono program senseless“.

The combative mayor does not spare criticism even to the cousins ​​across the border: We were wrong from the start: Fr.why we have to do it us that bridge? It’s in French territory, isn’t it? If they didor They. And the railway? Self France had he really believed it at this time we would arrive in Ventimiglia in an hour and a half. Instead it takes an hour in more because they did nothing but criticize what we did: Yes is lost almost a year to restore the connection between Breil and Ventimiglia alone because the damaged section, despite being in French territory, was of no use to them. S.there are things that need to be said “.

But reassurances seem to arrive from France regarding the opening of the new barrel, scheduled for October 2023: “What the mayor of Roccavione says is totally false – supports the prefect delegate for the reconstruction of flooded areasXavier Pelletier, in an article published today by the French newspaper Nice Matin -. After the CIG there will be an official communication, but the opening to traffic of the tunnel scheduled for October next year still remains the date to be taken into consideration “.

For his part, the mayor of Tenda, Jean Pierre Vassalloargues: “The construction site is six months late. France rejected the Italian project up to 15 days ago because it was judged to be non-compliant. Now it has given approval, which, however, will have to be formalized in the IGC”.

In short, they will also be “details”, but there will be some discussion in the Intergovernmental Conference in a few days.

The article is in Italian

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