Elections, parties divided on the budget gap for the expensive bills

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According to sources from Palazzo Chigi and the Mef, in order to develop a valid strategy against expensive bills, however, it will be necessary to wait a few more days, to have a survey of the resources actually available. The calculations of the revenue trend are also expected in August and, above all, the collections of the tax on extra-profits, after the tightening introduced with the aid decree bis at the beginning of August.

At 10 the Cdm –

The CDM scheduled for this morning will focus only on “ordinary administration”. However, the meeting could also serve to share the energy savings plan that the Minister for Ecological Transition is completing: Roberto Cingolani could inform his colleagues also to stop rumors and proposals circulated in recent weeks, from schools closed on Saturdays to smart working for two months in the Public Administration. The new measures, which the government aims to approve as soon as possible, should in any case not converge in the bis aid decree, as hypothesized at first.

Conte: “Reasoning all together on a possible change in the budget” –

And the election campaign heats up on the recipe for finding resources. For Giuseppe Conte it is necessary to “think all together” on the budget gap. “Internally, the first thing to do is recover those 9 billion” of taxation on extra-profits, “that rule was poorly written. We absolutely have to recover this money, these resources are precious. And we have been saying for some time that we must evaluate all together, but in a reasoned way, a possible change in the budget. All this was already written. It has not been done and we are very late “.

Melons: “Budget gap extrema ratio” –

Giorgia Meloni is holding back on the budget gap. “The budget gap or a further debt for this nation is the last resort – said the leader of the Brothers of Italy -. We are the nation of the Western world that has already borrowed more with the money of the NRP. Now we have those resources that in theory are destined to do something else primarily because there is very little for energy. I say that the priorities have changed and that the first thing we should do is review those priorities of the money for which we already have indebted to focus on the priority of bills “.


Letta: “Budget gap only if agreed with the EU”

– For Enrico Letta, the budget gap represents an ultimate possibility “that must be discussed with the other European countries. The best thing is if we all decided to take this decision together, if we take the path of a consultation with the French and Germans and also with the others”. “The budget gap – added the dem secretary – is totally emergency, it can only happen if there are others at European level, it must not be just an Italian choice, because we have the highest debt of all. Our choices they must be for a full-blown emergency, if we do them for the election campaign we pay it in rising interest rates “.


Tajani: “If the situation worsens, an inevitable deviation” –

“If aid is to be given, it is better to do it without budget variance, but if the situation were to precipitate and become even more difficult, we must inevitably go towards a budget variance because the protection of the family and the company of stringent rules is worth more. let’s see what will happen, we have to be very pragmatic “.

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