The photo of the 15-year-old boy tortured in Libya that all political leaders must look good at

The photo of the 15-year-old boy tortured in Libya that all political leaders must look good at
The photo of the 15-year-old boy tortured in Libya that all political leaders must look good at
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The 15-year-old boy tortured in Libya, Mediterranean video

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15 years old, without the top of his clothes, squeezed into a corner, with a machine gun in front of his face while the tip of the machine gun teases his un-combed hair and – it seems – curls.
The foreground varies from the machine gun to the boy’s face, which are more or less the same thing because the machine gun is always there in front of him as if he wanted to scratch his nose, or comb his eyebrows. Instead he is ready to make a hole in his head, very little is missing. The images overlap and it is unnatural to see the barrel of a machine gun and ten centimeters from the forehead of a man, unless it is an American film, and this is not.
Out of frame you hear harsh words, teasing and asking, even the words torture a kid who should be at school at that time, or to choose whether to be a goalkeeper or a forward in a football match with friends; in the video he pulls back, tired, but behind him there is the wall, and begs a mercy that does not come by holding his hands in front of his face, which the barrel of the machine gun moves him looking for an open point in his mouth.

It is like this every day, nothing new. I don’t even know why I wrote it, what’s the news? It’s more boring than the story of the dog that bit a man. In Libya they torture systematically every day, and we pay not to see. Not me, not you who read, but basically we also pay for someone to keep the problems (and human beings) in their house. The famous “let’s help them at home”.
It is always the same story, it is the story of the disposal of human waste for more than two thousand years, setting boundaries and having an excuse to keep out those who do not fall within the canons that the leaders of the peoples indicate each time.
Beyond the border so as not to have to compare them to us and because “there is no place here”. Yet the place for kings, princes and courtiers always find it, they also give free tickets to enter, other than queuing in front of the police station from six in the morning for a residence permit. But if you run away without bringing a dowry, you are like a bride without a bridegroom: alone.

Of course, 15 years are very few, even if you are always too young to be tortured. Indeed, we could say that one is never old enough – or guilty – to deserve torture. Obvious, after all.
The boredom of repeating what happens without the strength to be able to stop it. So why am I writing it? For the memory, for information, not to forget me first, yes, but what a drag. How boring.
The stories all look so much alike, even though the tortured from before will be dead by now and there are new ones now. And again someone will write to me “why don’t you take them to your house?” who is right, why don’t I bring them to us? They will win by exhaustion, we will end up agreeing with them and we will even stop talking about it, of these tortured too young to die without even a shirt on, with blood congealing on her chest hiding her nipples stiff with fear.

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Those who do not want to see will win out of boredom, those for whom life is fine like this. At some point we too will stop writing about kids forced to call home with a gun in their mouth, asking for money a thousand kilometers away to be released alive or survivors. Because it is no longer news, it is always the same news. Poor, they run away, are tortured, every now and then a trip in a small boat to Italy. The story is always the same: never someone who left on a cruise, always on the same tubs that then sink.
The truth is that it is boring to be born poor, because the future is always the same. It’s the boredom that kills us at the bottom, right? Or something like that.


I am a journalist and video reporter. I make short-form reportages and documentaries, in Italy and abroad. I write books when it happens. The most recent is “Be rebellious. Practice kindness“. I married, and it is a happy marriage. I tell stories of various humanity, I like to cross human frailties, without pietism and overturning the table of stereotypes. To do this I use words and images. I feed on videos and I breathe my videos can be found on the personal Youmedia channel.

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