“Mountain and home, humanity and art”. From Joias a carpet in homage to Maria Lai

“Mountain and home, humanity and art”. From Joias a carpet in homage to Maria Lai
“Mountain and home, humanity and art”. From Joias a carpet in homage to Maria Lai
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It looks with the kindness of pastel colors between blue and white, but the theme is as proud as the country of which it proposes clear features: the carpet Tribute to Maria Lairooted in the design of Stefania Spanu, fresh from the meticulous weaving of the textile cooperative On Marmuri by Ulassai, it’s just a picture. In fact, if it reproduces a crucial fragment of the artist’s activity to which it is dedicated, at the same time it has its own enigma, an essential identity that gives it the status of a personality. Much more than an emulation or a reinterpretation, the carpet itself dresses the caliber of an artistic work.

A combination of material thickness and a treasure chest of memory, an interweaving of art and skilful craftsmanship, the carpet is the story of that Ulassai who, in September 1981, became the first formidable paradigm of relational art, when the whole country, won the mistrust initials, finally fervently supported Maria Lai’s idea of ​​joining it with a ribbon to the limestone peaks that rise there, crowning it. A choral work thus becomes an exemplary symbol of complicity and belonging between people, nature and art.

If on the carpet the blue of the ribbon is a decisive line, which in the zigzag structure crosses it from one extreme to the other, in history that interminable thread was the result of rolls of jeans cloths, a generous gift from the village haberdasher when he expressed confidence in the artist’s project.
Yet, while in the sobriety of the picture the strip of fabric is a geometric line without interruptions, the real ribbon, on that emblematic day, passed from house to house in a jagged way: knots where bonds of friendship flourished, a simple passage as a sign of mutual hostility .
And then, here they are, the mountains rise, encircling the stylized houses on the carpet in many rhythmic rectangles in the alternating, sometimes superimposed composition.
Conceived by the creativity of Joias, the carpet is also precious to the touch: the weaving technique holds its overall harmony, in the solid detail traced by the full and semi-full whole of the pibionis.

Mountain and home, humanity and art. Celestial drape to stylize heart and memory.

Angelica Grivel Serra


content in collaboration with JOIAS

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