Gasly confesses a secret to Leclerc but is caught by the cameras: the video betrays him

Gasly confesses a secret to Leclerc but is caught by the cameras: the video betrays him
Gasly confesses a secret to Leclerc but is caught by the cameras: the video betrays him
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A private dialogue between Pierre Gasly and Russell and Leclerc filmed by cameras in Spa and immortalized in a video that has gone viral reveals the state of the art of a negotiation that could upset the next Formula 1 World Championship that should have remained secret.

After Vettel’s retirement, Alonso’s sudden move to Aston Martin, the chaos created by Piastri’s surreal refusal to Alpine and Ricciardo liquidated by McLaren, the Formula 1 drivers market in view of the 2023 World Championship is about to experience a new sensational twist with another driver who will leave the team with which he has recently signed a contract extension to move to a rival team. This time, however, the surprise effect could be less as the news seems to have been unintentionally anticipated by an F1 video that went viral.

The news is that of the passage of Pierre Gasly in Alpine with the Frenchman who would therefore tear up the agreement in place with AlphaTauri (and with Red Bull) for next season to team up with fellow countryman Esteban Ocon in the Renault motorized team (a seat that Mick Schumacher also aspires to more and more away from Haas and Ferrari). The video in question instead is the one in which the private dialogue between the transalpine driver and his friends Charles Leclerc and George Russell staged just before the traditional drivers parade on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit that preceded the Belgian GP race, 14th round of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship.


In the video, which immediately went viral, in fact, one hears Gasly confess to the Monegasque of the Cavallino and to the young Briton of the Mercedes that a negotiation that sees him directly interested is being defined: “Yes, I’m working on the final details of the new contract“are in fact the words spoken by the current AlphaTauri driver and captured by the Formula 1 TV cameras.

While not mentioning the Alpine, also in light of the fact that it appears highly unlikely this is a reference to a hypothetical new agreement with Red Bull or AlphaTauri given that he signed one shortly before the summer break, it is inevitable to think that Gasly refer to the negotiation with Alpine whose existence has been confirmed by several authoritative sources.


The revelation is one of the sensational ones and not only because the eventual arrival of the 26-year-old from Rouen to the French team would represent a precedent that can make jurisprudence (having already the AlphaTauri officially announced that it will be its pilot also in 2023), but also why it would further disrupt the driver market (which has never before been so uncertain at this point in the season). Now to confirm, all that remains is to wait for the Alpine to announce its new driver, which will almost certainly happen by return of post.

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