jokes, programs (and super classic looks) –

jokes, programs (and super classic looks) –
jokes, programs (and super classic looks) –
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from Tommaso Labate

Super classic look and playful tones for the debut video. The leader of Italia Viva: “For many of you I am an expert in first reaction shock”. And the Knight: «You are boys, I suffer from envy». And the Democratic Party also arrives, Letta: we will speak to young people

«And what are you doing on TikTok too? We were only missing you! ” says the one. “Hi guys welcome to my official Tik Tok channel,” says the other. Both are Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi, the last two arrived on the social platform that drives the very young crazy (where today the Democratic Party also landed, with a video of Alessandro Zan and the promise of the secretary Enrico Letta to “discuss with the youngest the priorities that politics often neglects”).

The look is super classic for both. White shirt and slim tie with tight knot for Renzi, col scrapper look which he then brought to Palazzo Chigi and which he kept even after the split from the Democratic Party; double-breasted blue rigorous with a polka dot tie for Berlusconi, practically how she dresses for a lifetime.

The younger of the two former presidents of the Council chooses for his debut the classic method with which we once revealed ourselves for the first time in a place we had never been before: he introduces himself. “The first video reaches twenty-five days from the vote, the electoral campaign leads us all to experiment with alternative ways to dialogue and discuss. For many of you I am an expert on “first reaction shock”(Self-deprecating on the famous interview in English with the BBC, ed); others remember me as prime minister, the youngest in history; others above all as mayor of the most beautiful city in the world, of Florence>, he says. From universal to particular, from public to private. In a few seconds, Renzi remembers that he was also «a football referee and a chieftain, not from the Camorra, but a boyscout“. And, while maintaining his commitment to leave the role of frontman of the duo Action-Italia Viva to Carlo Calenda, he puts a flag where he had not yet placed it.

Berlusconi, on the other hand, adopts the loving tone of the grandfather who crashes into the birthday party of one of the grandchildren: «On this platform you guys are present in over 5 million. And 60% of you are under the age of thirty. I suffer from envy but I still give you many compliments ».

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Standing room only, for now, on TikTok. Salviniafter the release on the seizure of the mopeds to the “messy” boys (the copyright is his), launches the idea of ​​free textbooks for elementary and middle schools, and totally deductible for those in high school; Calenda, far from the temptation of dances and ballets, reinterprets the plot of Groundhog day with Bill Murray choosing a national political key (“The Cinquestelle wanted to open Parliament like a can of tuna and if I know both the can and the tuna”); With youwith terrifying music in the background, he follows in the wake of his “boys eye!”, warning the very young about the risks (according to him) of voting for Brothers of Italy.

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Now watch out for Renzi and Berlusconi. Like and comments are wasted for everyone. Someone, however, will inevitably end up experimenting with the revised and corrected version of the old adage of Pietro Nenni on “full squares” and “empty urns”. Also because putting a like and following a social page is also less tiring than going to the streets. Much less.

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