Baseball match promoted by Pro Loco Marmore: blind people versus able-bodied

Baseball match promoted by Pro Loco Marmore: blind people versus able-bodied
Baseball match promoted by Pro Loco Marmore: blind people versus able-bodied
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TERNI – Friday 2 September the Pro Loco of Marmore promotes an event dedicated to integration: it is the BaseEyeBallbaseball for the blind at the “Di Loreto” sports field in Marmore, where it will also be possible for spectators to participate and try their hand at this discipline.

The event, organized in collaboration with Uici Terni – Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, ASD Marmore and Umbria Redskins bxc it is proposed as a bridge to unite the world of people with disabilities with that of so-called “able-bodied” people, bringing these two groups into contact with each other precisely where the gap is greatest: in the world of sports and outdoor activities. “That with Uici Terni is a continuous and beautiful collaboration, born in 2018” he says Manola Conti, president of the Pro Loco. “The relationship with the BaseEyeBall team, Umbria Redskins bxc is also very good. They contacted us immediately after the covid and we got back to work. ” That of the Pro Loco of Marmore towards sport is a constant commitment that aims to raise awareness of lesser-known sports, but no less important, as already happened in July with the first Kettlebell trophy.

On Friday 2 September, the players will arrive at 10.30 and set up the playing field by themselves, with all the attention required, and at 12.00 the demonstration game will begin. “You have to look at how they set up the camp, with what care; even the ball used is special and for spectators who want to try, this possibility will be given, instructing them on the rules of the game and using special masks. “

Baseball for the Blind (BXC) is a discipline that offers the possibility of carrying out a sporting and recreational activity to people with visual impairment, aimed at favoring the processes of autonomy and independence, mobility and aggregation through the practice of the sport of visually impaired present in the Umbria Region, the integration between visually impaired and non-disabled, in a perspective of interrelation in which the sighted player is not only a guide but part of the same team. Through sport, in fact, the disabled person expands their skills, strengthens their ability to react to complex situations, increases motor skills, increases their self-esteem. In the BXC regulations, the team is made up of at least five blind and / or visually impaired athletes of different age groups, women and men and two sighted athletes. For the occasion, a representation of athletes from the other Italian teams will be invited to participate in the demonstration, both to obtain the necessary number of players for a match, and to offer visibility to the other Italian BXC realities.

The proposed activities respond to the need, for children and adults, to learn to positively face new situations, to improve and refine some praxic-motor skills, to develop their autonomy and self-esteem and will have the Marmore Falls Natural Park as a backdrop. that in addition to being a valuable natural site, it is a welcoming environment, which stands out for its accessibility qualities, an excellent territorial area for the development of activities and soft games intended for disabled people, both residents and tourists.

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“From this event we expect that each sport will be recognized its dignity, maybe baseball is a less known sport but no less noble for this” continues Conti. On Friday some young people from Marmore who have distinguished themselves for the excellent results obtained in various sports disciplines will also be awarded, they will receive a medal as a symbol of closeness, admiration and pride.

The event will be attended by the mayor of Terni, the Councilor for sport of Terni, the CONI Provincial Delegate of Terni and other exponents of the municipal administration and the world of sport.

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