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‘Ndrangheta: operation in Cosenza, 200 arrests – Calabria

‘Ndrangheta: operation in Cosenza, 200 arrests – Calabria
‘Ndrangheta: operation in Cosenza, 200 arrests – Calabria
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The mayor of Rende under house arrest, seized assets for 72 million

(ANSA) – COSENZA, 01 SEPT – An operation against the ‘Ndrangheta was carried out at dawn in Cosenza and in the hinterland of the city by carabinieri, police and financial police with the coordination of the DDA of Catanzaro. Executed over two hundred precautionary orders issued by the district magistrate of the capital at the request of the Dda, directed by Nicola Gratteri. The operation involves local administrators, professionals, entrepreneurs and exponents of Cosenza organized crime.
The mayor of Rende, the lawyer Marcello Manna, president of Anci (the Association of Italian Municipalities) of Calabria, ended up under house arrest. At the moment it has not been possible to know what the alleged fact is to Manna and whether it refers to his activity as director or professional. Two other local administrators also help home.
The operation was carried out by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Cosenza, by the Mobile Squads of Cosenza and Catanzaro and by the Sco, by the financiers of the Provincial Command of Cosenza and of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Reggio Calabria, by the Gico of Catanzaro and by the Scico of the Finance Police. According to the prosecution, the recipients of the precautionary custody orders are responsible, in various capacities, for mafia-type criminal association, criminal association aimed at drug trafficking, illicit organization of games including gambling and betting. , money laundering, self-laundering and fraudulent transfer of assets and values.
During the operation, a seizure of movable and immovable assets was also carried out for a value of 72 million euros.
The seizure was carried out by the Gico financiers of the Provincial Command of Catanzaro and Scico. The measure was ordered by the DDA and has an urgent preventive character.
Subsequently, therefore, it will have to be subjected to the examination of the district magistrate. The assets seized consist of liquidity deposited in current accounts, companies and various companies.

Political-mafia electoral exchange. This is the accusation made by the Dda of Catanzaro against Marcello Manna, mayor of Rende and president of Anci Calabria. The district investigating judge has ordered house arrest for the first citizen. Precautionary needs, he writes in the ordinance, “inferable from the modalities of the fact (having entered into a political-mafia electoral pact with top members of organized crime) and from the personality of the suspect who, albeit with a clean record, demonstrated a predisposition to commit a crime by descending to pacts with members of a mafia association, in particular with the D’Ambrosio group “. The Dda cites, in support of the thesis, the declarations of the repentant Adolfo Foggetti, which “constitute a further element underlying the existence of the precautionary needs, evoking lasting contacts over time with the organized crime of Cosenza”. Foggetti’s words refer to the electoral campaign for the municipal councils of Rende in 2014. “All members of the Rango-Zingari and Lanzino-Ruà federated clan – says the justice collaborator – mobilized to campaign for the lawyer Manna , with the exception of Maurizio Rango, who questioned and requested by me on this point had to tell me that his family members and / or relatives residing in Rende were particularly close to Principe “. Foggetti recalls the support, according to him, offered to the criminal lawyer and says that he would have been “thanked by Marcello Manna himself for his electoral commitment”.


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