Chianti greets the summer with the “Stelle nei borghi” festival in Barberino Tavarnelle

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AND’ Stardust the one that lights up and lights up the villages of Chianti in this last remnant of summer.

Stars that play, dance, sing and become protagonists, promoting cultural echoes by mixing dance and song, mostly female, creating lands of art, enchanted places where artistic expressions multiply and the colors of the show diversify.

The musical summer of Barberino Tavarnelle climbs once again on the natural stage of the villages, flying between the hills, from one agora to another.

In Barberini square (Barberino Val d’Elsa) and in piazza Matteotti (Tavarnelle Val di Pesa) the curtain rises on the first edition of the festival “Stars in the villages”, an exhibition that explores the territories of popular sounds and more, set in the evocative scenery of the medieval castle of Barberino Val d’Elsa and the historic heart of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.

The initiative, promoted by the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle, in collaboration with Nuovo Balletto di Toscana, which opens all evenings, proposes three appointments scheduled from 1st to 9th September 2022.

Aiazzi and Maroccolo

Thursday 1st September, only Italian date, Piazza Barberini hosts at 21 Gianni Maroccolo and Antonio Aiazzi in concert with Beppe Brotto / esraj and the extraordinary participation of Francesco Magnelli.

The Balletto di Toscana will open the event with the performance “Tèchne” with Enrica Cornaccia, Beatrice Ranieri and Marta Terranova.

Monday 5th September at 9 pm piazza Barberini will turn the spotlight on the complete performance of the legendary live “Banana Republic” by Dalla-De Gregori, interpreted by Riccardo Mori Quintet.


Again, at the opening, a performance by Ballet of Tuscany with Rita Carrara, Francesca Chiesa and Rebecca Intermite.

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Geneva Di Marco

Last appointment is the one to be held Friday 9 September at 9 pm in Piazza Matteotti in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. The only Italian date, “Stazioni Lunari” brings an exceptional trio to Chianti: Nada, Geneva by Marco and Angela Baraldi.

Three great songwriters, protagonists of a world premiere, enriched by the presence of “Ella” string quartet, led by the violinist Angelo Tomei.

The repertoire of the evening offers the great successes of the three singers and the interpretation, among others, of the most significant songs of Endrigo, Modugno and Tenco.

The final evening of the Festival will be introduced by Ballet of Tuscany with Sofia Bonetti, Rita Carrara, Francesca Chiesa, Enrica Cornacchia, Rebecca Intermite, Beatrice Ranieri, Marta Terranova who will perform in ballet “Endiatrists” curated by Beatrice Poggini and Niccolò Poggini.

All events are free to enter. Info [email protected] tel. 055 8052369.

The article is in Italian

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