The hands of the ‘Ndrangheta on the funds of “Resto al Sud” thanks to the “vip” accountant

The hands of the ‘Ndrangheta on the funds of “Resto al Sud” thanks to the “vip” accountant
The hands of the ‘Ndrangheta on the funds of “Resto al Sud” thanks to the “vip” accountant
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COSENZA “They are linked to Roberto Porcaro by associative bonds … Andrea Mazzei, accountant, not affiliated, who on behalf of Roberto is providing various people from the clans with the funds relating to the” Resto al Sud “project […] with Andrea Mazzei even Danilo Ciciarelli, who was a robber and has a car wash, tried to make a practice ‘Rest in the South’, but it did not go well because, despite Mazzei had given him a file with things to say, Ciciarelli did not he had been able to answer the interviews… Mazzei takes 500 euros without an invoice to start the practice and then a percentage of the amount paid ». In March 2019, the collaborator of justice Giuseppe Zaffonte illuminates an unprecedented trait in the relationship of the Cosenza clans with the professionals of the urban area. The protagonist is the “Porcaro group”, one of the seven that would belong to the ‘Ndrangheta federation which would see Francesco Patitucci at its top. The path of the partnership to reach the coveted funds would have an obligatory stop in one of the most prominent consulting firms in the city of the Bruzi: Andrea Mazzei’s “Mazzei Consulting & Partners srls”. The accusation hypothesis is aggravated fraud for obtaining public funds: the target – as Zaffonte says – is the “Resto al Sud” project and the loans provided by Invitalia spa.

“Unjust profit equal to 186 thousand euros”

One of the complaints of the Dda of Catanzaro concerns the alleged “fictitious program of expansion and development of the business of Settimo Caffè sas di Broccolo Manolo & C”. Mazzei, Porcaro and the directors of the company Giuseppe Broccolo and Giuseppe Perrone would have presented an “instrumental” participation request to obtain the incentives of “Resto al Sud”. Using “invoices for non-existent transactions” issued by a series of companies linked to the Mazzei network, the group allegedly misled “the administration of Invitalia spa” and managed to get Settimo Caffè admitted to the benefit “for a credit of 199,809. EUR”. The money would then be disbursed, with an “unfair profit of at least 186 thousand euros”. The investigators documented, thanks to a shadowing, a meeting in Mazzei’s office between the consultant, Porcaro, Broccolo and Perrone. The wiretapping would have confirmed «that the object of the meeting was the financing procedure that Broccolo and Perrone had to prepare for the“ Resto al Sud ”project». From this practice, explains the investigating judge, Porcaro would have obtained 79 thousand euros, according to what can be inferred from the “fragment of a dialogue between Perrone and Broccolo”, while “the compensation for Mazzei” would have been “equal to 10 thousand euros”. From the interceptions it would also have emerged “Perrone and Broccolo’s frustration with respect to the whole situation, as the two were aware of having to do as Mazzei had, who, thanks to his ties with Porcaro, was never contradicted”. The two, in fact, “hoped to be able to carve out for themselves at least a part of the sum of the investment, fearful of the risk of closing the place due to Porcaro’s greed, or worse to suffer a fire so that Porcaro would pocket the money of the ‘insurance”.

“We give all the money to Marcello and he has to give it all back to me”

The investigators investigate the mechanism of the invoices and believe – crossing interceptions and documents – that they were “related to non-existent operations”. “If on the one hand – is the assessment – the collections show how after the bank transfers the beneficiaries withdrew the cash which they then delivered to whoever had carried out the banking operation, on the other hand the activities actually carried out are incompatible with those described in the description”. Perrone and Broccolo, in an interception, summarize the agreements with Afg Security, issuer of a 25,254 euro invoice: “Marcello the we all give the money and you have to give them all back to me … immediately there needs to to give… the I do the invoice. Ask if you want an invoice from advice, how the fuck do you want, I’ll do it for you and me does”. For the magistrates it would be proof of the “fictitiousness of the operations”. The “This stratagem was functional to demonstrate to Invitalia that it had paid the suppliers and therefore present the first Sal (Work Progress Status) and obtain the disbursement of the loan, so much so that in addition to Afg Security, there is also the invoice issued by Mp Arredamenti srl (whose representative was Muto Salvatore) ».

The Mazzei network, Foodies sas and the purchase of the Morra family company

Among the companies that would have been part of the functional network for Mazzei’s purposes, there would also be the “Foodies sas di Samuele & Co”, which has already made headlines in recent years. The company allegedly participated with an invoice of less than 3 thousand euros issued on 10 December 2018 in the system designed to obtain the funds of “Resto al Sud”. In the past it had appeared in an article of La Verità in which it was told that a company belonging to the family of the president of the Anti-Mafia Commission Morra – managing the local Ginger beach in the Tyrrhenian of Cosenza, Sangi srl, acquired by a Cosentino nightlife entrepreneur – was was rented as a business unit to “Foodies sas di Pietro Francesco Samuele”, Hr manager of Andrea Mazzei’s Mazzei Consulting & Partners. At the time Mazzei was defined simply as an accountant close to the Democratic Party. Some time later, however, he ended up involved in the investigation of the Prosecutor of Cosenza “Money for nothing”. Today the profile of the companies connected in some way to the Mazzei studio, given the alleged links between the professional and characters linked to the clans, is decidedly darker. ([email protected])


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