LIVE REVIEWS – Napoli-Lecce 1-1 (27 ‘Elmas, 31’ Colombo): bad performance, second consecutive draw!

LIVE REVIEWS – Napoli-Lecce 1-1 (27 ‘Elmas, 31’ Colombo): bad performance, second consecutive draw!
LIVE REVIEWS – Napoli-Lecce 1-1 (27 ‘Elmas, 31’ Colombo): bad performance, second consecutive draw!
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Second consecutive draw for Napoli that after the 0-0 in Florence impacts at home against Fiorentina.

22.41 – IT ENDS HERE!

96 ‘- Jandrei was also booked for a foul on Kvaratskhelia.

96 ‘- Yellow for Gonzalez for a detention on Lobotka.

93 ‘- OSIMHEN! The Nigerians at the far post try again to head but the ball ends up high over the crossbar of Falcone’s goal.

90 ‘- The referee gives 6 minutes of recovery.

88 ‘- Napoli attacks with their heads down, Lecce defends themselves.

85 ‘- Spalletti’s latest move is Simeone: Cholito takes over from Anguissa.

84 ‘- Right from a distance by Hjulmand, easy for Meret to take

82 ‘- Falcone-Di Lorenzo clash, the two remain on the ground but both seem to be able to continue

79 ‘- Forcing of Napoli, there are just over 10 minutes more recovery at the end of the match.

76 ‘- He is unable to continue the match Banda, forced to change: Listkowski enters.

75 ‘- On the ground Banda, seems to have given all the outside of Lecce

72 ‘- Last play of the match for Politano who leaves the field to Lozano

71 ‘- POLITANO! Classic action by Politano that starts from the right, focuses and kicks. Ball that comes out of centimeters on the long pole

70 ‘- Change for Lecce: Colombo comes out, in his place Ceesay.

69 ‘- OSIMHEN! Sloping on Politano’s far post to look for Osimhen: the Nigerian slips away behind Tuia and hits his head, the ball just wide.

65 ‘- OSTIGARD! Sudden shot by the Norwegian who sees the right space and kicks from 40 meters: ball just over the crossbar.

62 ‘- Double change for Baroni: outside Di Francesco and Askildsen, inside Strefezza and Blin.

58 ‘- Now Napoli is in possession of the ball, Lecce has moved back its center of gravity and desnità.

56 ‘- Third change for Napoli: the author of the goal Elmas leaves, Kvaratskhelia enters his place.

50 ‘- Zielinski tries from the edge of the area: strong but central shot, blocks Falcone.

49 ‘- Elmas close to scoring with a touch on the far post, good Falcone to cover the entire mirror of the goal sending for a corner

46 ‘- A substitution also for Baroni: Helgason comes out and makes room for Gonzalez.

46 ‘- Two changes at half-time for Spalletti: out of Ndombele and Raspadori and in Lobotka and Zielinski.


The first half of Napoli-Lecce ends 1-1. To open the scoring Elmas thinks, on an assist from Politano while to even the score is Colombo who, after having had the penalty saved by Meret, pulls an unstoppable left out of the hat that fixes the result on par. Teams in the locker room.


47 ‘- On the developments of the corner kick, Baschirotto stands tall and anticipates everyone with his head: beautiful gore that goes out a little to the side.

46 ‘- Helgason’s insidious cross, Meret sees the ball at the end and deflects for a corner.

45 ‘- The referee grants three minutes of recovery.

44 ‘- Without looking Politano tries to serve Osimhen immediately in depth: the ball is too deep, Falcone comes out.


41 ‘- Askildsen’s attempt from long distance, the ball rises and ends very high.

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40 ‘- Foul by Colombo who enters hard on Ostigard: yellow for him.

39 ‘- Anguissa’s low and insidious shot: blocks Falcone in two stages.

36 ‘- Protest Napoli for a touch of the hand in the area, all regular for the referee Marcenaro who plays

32 ‘- Yellow card for Hjulmand, forced to knock out Ndombele.

31 ‘- GOAL OF LECCE! Colombo redeems himself who, after having missed the penalty, invents the equal goal by putting down a ball on the edge of the area and kicking, almost from a standstill, straight under the crossbar. Nothing can Meret, Lecce equalize the score.

27 ‘- GOOOOOL OF NAPOLIIIII !!! Politano kicks right but his shot becomes an assist for Elmas. The midfielder, all alone on the edge of the small area, has to do nothing but deposit on the net for the Neapolitan advantage

26 ‘- MERET PARS THE PENALTY! Colombo appears from the spot and kicks to the left of Meret: the Napoli goalkeeper stretches out and saves the penalty.

24 ‘- Check of the Var, penalty confirmed.

23 ‘- PENALTY FOOTBALL FOR LECCE! Ndombele is anticipated by Di Francesco, the Frenchman does not notice the opponent and hits him: Marcenaro whistles.

22 ‘- Short corner kick and perfect combination that frees Politano: strong left-handed shot, Falcone lifts over the crossbar.

21 ‘- Spalletti not happy with Napoli’s giropalla, asks for more speed especially from the two central defenders.

20 ‘- Shooting to cross by Colombo, careful Meret who blocks the ball.

16 ‘- Lecce closes well, which up to now is not giving space to Napoli.

13 ‘- Banda wins a rebound and flees to the left-handed lane. Politano chases him and commits a foul before entering the area: yellow for him.

8 ‘- Lecce tries on the left with Pezzella, the ball rebounded by the Napoli defense that frees without particular worries

7 ‘- Exchange on the right between Politano and Di Lorenzo: busted cross by the Napoli captain and unreachable ball for Osimhen.

5 ‘- Soft cross by Di Lorenzo, Elmas tries in an overhead kick but can’t find the ball.

3 ‘- Napoli immediately took the reins of the game, clear from the first minutes the plot of the match.

8.45 pm – PARTIES! The game begins

20.42 – Teams on the field

20.33 – In the pre-match of Napoli-Lecce, the blue ds Cristiano Giuntoli spoke to Dazn’s microphones: “Room for improvement? There is always room for improvement, the market on the one hand then there is work on the pitch. We have a very good coach and you can grow a lot.

Navas? We have two level goalkeepers. There is still a market day, but 99% of us remain that way.

Ronaldo? He is an extraordinary player and we can only praise him, but there was nothing true. We have a great relationship with his agent, who was also the agent of our other players, we read a lot of things in the newspapers but there was nothing concrete ”.

20.13 – In the pre-match of Napoli-Lecce the blue midfielder Piotr Zielinski spoke to Dazn’s microphones: “Am I among the leaders of the locker room after the many starts? I look to the whole team. We must always give our best and then the guys who arrived are exceptional guys as well as being really strong. This one. is the important thing “.

19.35 – The formations of Napoli-Lecce are official match of 20.45 valid for the fourth day of Serie A. Mini turnover for Spalletti in view of the double engagement with Lazio and Liverpool and transition to 4-2-3-1. Meret confirmed in goal, while in defense they make their debut from the first minute Ostigard in the center and Mathias Olivera on the left wing. In the middle Anguissa and Ndombele, while on the frontline he makes his debut at Maradona Raspadori, complete the package behind Osimhen Politano on the right and Elmas on the left.

NAPLES (4-2-3-1): Meret; Di Lorenzo, Ostigard, Minjae, Olivera; Anguissa, Ndombele; Politano, Raspadori, Elmas; Osimhen. Herds Spalletti.

LECCE (4-3-3): Falcone; Gendrey, Tuia, Baschirotto, Pezzella; Gonzalez, Hjulmand, Askildsen; Strefezza, Ceesay, Di Francesco. Herds Baroni.

Baroni without Persson and Brancolini could change something compared to the last race: in front of Falcone line with Gendrey, Tuia (in ballot with Pongracic), Baschirotto and Pezzella (favorite over Gallo) who, however, does not have ninety minutes. In the median Hjulmand, Blin and Bistrovic while in attack Ceesay with Strefezza and Di Francesco on the sides and the latter who should be alternated with Banda.

Spalletti should start to rotate considering the many commitments and the next big-match close together with Lazio and Liverpool. To understand if he will immediately give Sirigu a chance by starting the alternation between the posts; in defense ready the debut of Olivera in the line with Rrahmani, Kim (favorite over Juan Jesus) and Di Lorenzo. In the median Anguissa and Lobotka and then debut from the beginning for Raspadori and transition to 4-2-3-1 with Politano on the right and Kvara on the left in a runoff with Elmas. In attack Osimhen could be managed once the match started with Simeone.

The 0-0 in Florence is now behind us, Napoli returns to Maradona to immediately return to success and confirm themselves at the top of the standings before the big match with Lazio (and then that of the Champions League with Liverpool). The opportunity for Spalletti also to kick off the rotations to manage the forces and enter the new purchases. Opposite there will be the Lecce of the former blue Baroni veteran of the same internal with the Empoli which also represents the first point of the Apulians after the defeats against Sassuolo and Inter, all arrived by measure and playing equal and this will surely bring Spalletti and the blues not to underestimate the commitment.

Friends of Tuttonapoli, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Naples-Lecce

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