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Tourism: Ovindoli focuses on seasonal adjustment and culture – Abruzzo

Tourism: Ovindoli focuses on seasonal adjustment and culture – Abruzzo
Tourism: Ovindoli focuses on seasonal adjustment and culture – Abruzzo
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Mayor Ciminelli, for a “sustainable” program of events

(ANSA) – OVINDOLI, 01 SEPT – With the presentation of Marco Bonini’s book “The Art of Experience”, the review “The Week of Culture” has ended as part of the billboard E … state in Ovindoli ” . “The municipal administration this year has focused a lot on culture, which goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. Environment, culture and seasonal adjustment of tourism are the keywords of a “sustainable” program of events, said Angelo Ciminelli, mayor of Ovindoli. “Thus was born the idea of ​​a billboard that would use the center of the town and nature. A place was created that did not impact the surrounding environment, where to enjoy the beauty of our landscapes, without disfiguring the territory: the rural theater A structure of rows of hay bales, created thanks to the collaboration of local farmers, who offered the bales, their means and their work to set up the theater free of charge.

The bill began in June, as an absolute novelty to expand the offer and discovery of the territory, even in less touristy periods. Walks in nature, events for children and families in Piazza San Rocco, many initiatives carried out thanks to the collaboration of local associations: the Proloco di Ovindoli and Santa Jona, the Traders association, the Ovindoli Red Cross, the Alpine Groups Ovindoli section and Santa Jona, the historical photographic association and the Party Committee. In August, the activity in the rural theater started and it was immediately a success. With the collaboration of the FestivlAlba of Alba Fucens (AQ), we have offered a wide choice of entertainment and cultural events. Concerts, theater and shows for children “, continues the mayor.” We have also been chosen by the Gemelli Hospital as a stage of the “Longevity Run”, the non-competitive race dedicated to the prevention of heart disease. In Piazza San Rocco, the Prevention village was set up with the presence of the Gemelli doctors who made free visits to everyone. The territory promotion program does not stop there. We are already wading in autumn “, concludes Ciminelli. (ANSA).


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