10 works to relaunch Molise. Companies set priorities and bet on air taxis

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Without infrastructure, businesses cannot invest in our region. At the same time, if the cost of transport is significantly higher than at other hubs at national level, our companies are less competitive ”. The summary is of Paolo Spinapresident of the Molise Chamber of Commerce, during the conference organized today (1 September), with the resumption of all activities after the summer break.

The initiative organized with Uniontrasporti turns the spotlight on strategic works contained in ‘White Paper of Molise’s infrastructural priorities’, considered urgent for the regional business system. Among these there is also the airfield of San Giuliano del Sannio, which according to the entrepreneurs, could be used as an area for the departure and take-off of Air taxis, charter flights that would make it easier for managers and other top management to travel to and from Molise. But they could also be used for tourism.

The ‘White Paper’ also indirectly constitutes a message to politics and the candidates of the political elections that launched by the Molise economic fabric, a message that bursts into this electoral campaign.

The completion of the Fresilia, the Bifernina, the Castellelce and the improvement of the highway 17. And also the adaptation of the railway network and the restoration of the suspended lines (Campobasso – Benevento, Sulmona – Carpinone and Campobasso-Termoli), the electrification of the railway network, the connection with the poles considered logistical in the Zes Adriatica Molise Puglia, the doubling of the Termoli-Lesina, the connection to the motorway (that is the expected four-lane highway Termoli-Mignano Monte Lungo). In the end, the airfield of San Giuliano del Sannio, a work promoted with full marks by the Chamber of Commerce because it will improve the mobility of Italian and foreign entrepreneurs, managers and customers, as well as being used for tourism purposes. “The future is an air taxi with drones”, defines Spina. Which speaks of the need to create “a network to connect all internal areas, 600 kilometers of the Apennine ridge, disconnected from each other and from the large metropolitan centers and industrial hubs. Otherwise – he insists – we will be isolated forever“. In his remarks, the president of the Chamber of Commerce ’embraces’ a particular but at the same time fundamental segment of our economy: “If Molise can be reached with difficulty, it is also a brake for tourism “. After all, “today time has an essential value, especially from an entrepreneurial point of view”.

To restart the economy of central Molise, Molise companies need to be strengthened, completed or adapted to make them safer, as well as faster, the transport of goods especially in the province of Campobasso which “in the mortality rate on the roads is second only to Agrigento”, underlines the director of Uniontrasporti Antonello Fontanilli.

Ten infrastructures that would allow us to enhance our region, “a hinge area between the eastern and western part of the country”, which, explains Roberta Delpiano, Uniontrasporti project manager, “has a fragile economic context but offers great opportunities since Molise is inserted within the extension of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor ”. The latter, together with the Zes, are two great opportunities also for the strengthening of the port of Termoli, the only port with an economic vocation in our region.

“In Molise that of infrastructures is always an emergency because in Italy all east-west connections are always complicated. And Molise, which is in fact an internal area between the two seas, is penalized by a choice that has always been made: it has not been properly infrastructured “, adds the president of Unioncamere. Andrea Prete. “There are roads that need to be completed and made more modern, while I consider this airfield project interesting, which could also have a commercial use to try to connect Molise to the most important and closest airport hubs, namely Rome, Naples and Bari. Yes could create aUber of the skies‘: these activities can give advantages to the territory and also have an entrepreneurial return ”.

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An improvement in infrastructure would allow companies to obtain savings from the point of view of the transport of goods and would allow them to better cope with the dear bills. “Italy should be more independent from an energy point of view and should do it in the shortest possible time”, says Prete. “I believe that the only way to go in this respect is the renewable. If authorizations are facilitated, a territory like Molise could strongly focus on alternative energies to create greater energy independence for its citizens and businesses “.

Representatives of regional institutions also attended the conference (there were the governor Donato Toma, the councilors Vincenzo Niro and Quintino Pallante), but also some important entrepreneurs who invested in Molise such as Flavio Ferro (manager of the La Molisana plants), Paolo Oriente (financial manager of La Meccanica Oriente), the chairman of the board of directors of Gemelli Molise Stefano Petracca and Antonella Tortora, CEO of Dr Automobilies.

“In order for the entrepreneurial realities present in our territory to best express their development potential, it is undeniable that it is necessary to intervene in a targeted way on the infrastructural component of our regional system”, the comment of the mayor of Campobasso Roberto Gravina, present in the room for the important information occasion together with the mayor of Isernia Piero Castrataro. “To do this, a process of comparison and consultation between entrepreneurial and institutional subjects is necessary to identify development priorities, only in this way will it be possible, each for his task, to provide concrete contributions to the improvement of the entire development strategy, thanks also to the connection that could be fundamental to the chamber system “.

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