the carabinieri find them in Puglia. “Betrayed by GPS”

the carabinieri find them in Puglia. “Betrayed by GPS”
the carabinieri find them in Puglia. “Betrayed by GPS”
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The theft took place yesterday night, in Pieve Santo Stefano. From the earthmoving plant of the Con.Cave company. Srl had been stolen three large trucks, one of which had also incorporated a crane. Also taken away several liters of diesel for motor vehicles. A damage that amounted to half a million euros.

With a lightning investigation the Carabinieri of Sansepolcro managed to find the stolen goods.

It was almost certainly professionals who landed the blow: not only did they know how to sneak into the plant, but they were also able to move the three heavy vehicles over long distances despite being equipped with anti-theft systems. Means that would have already had a destination: probably in Eastern Europe.

Research and new technologies

In the span of 12 hours of incessant research (during which the owners also launched an appeal on social networks), the Carabinieri managed to identify them: they had arrived in Puglia, in the territory of the Municipality of Trinitapoli, in the province of Barletta-Andria- Trani. They had been taken to a large port area and one of the hypotheses of the investigators is that the intent of the criminals was to embark them and make them arrive in Eastern Europe.

To help the Carabinieri in the enterprise – explains the Arma in a note – this time it was the satellites, in addition to the now very precious cameras. In fact, a device for geolocation with GPS technology was mounted on board one of the stolen vehicles, but during the whole day it had not given any signal. Probably the perpetrators of the theft had activated a signal jammer, that is an electronic device that emits a signal opposite to that of the tracking devices. In short, a device with not exactly negligible costs, proving that it was professionals “.

The investigations, however, did not stop. For the whole day, the Carabinieri of Sansepolcro, coordinated by captain Carmine Feola, sifted through all the cameras in the valley, starting with those positioned on the E-45 heading south, but nothing emerged. So they focused on another possible escape route, namely the A14 Adriatic motorway.

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In the hours following the theft, in that stretch of road, several heavy vehicles had passed that actually could correspond to those sought: the poor resolution of the images did not seem to help, but the Carabinieri still followed the only trace they had arriving right near Andria. They then contacted their Apulian colleagues, who immediately started looking for trucks in that area as well.

The discovery and return to the owners

At a certain point, for a few moments, a slight signal from the GPS system reached the operator of the Central: it was enough to circumscribe a less extensive search area: thus, by raking the whole territory thoroughly, the three vehicles were found. all in an abandoned agricultural field, in the uncultivated countryside and well hidden behind a large industrial warehouse that bordered that land, just 10 minutes from the nearest port.

The owners have already been notified and will be able to get back their precious means of work within a few hours.

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