Exhibitions: MANN, ‘Sardinia megalithic island’ 110 thousand visitors – Sardinia

Exhibitions: MANN, ‘Sardinia megalithic island’ 110 thousand visitors – Sardinia
Exhibitions: MANN, ‘Sardinia megalithic island’ 110 thousand visitors – Sardinia
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Extension to September 19, 200 exhibits and Warrior of Mont’e Prama

In less than three months, 110 thousand visitors at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples of the exhibition “Sardinia Megalithic Island. From menhirs to nuraghi: stories of stone in the heart of the Mediterranean”, extended until next September 19th. A success for the only Italian stage, inaugurated on 10 June, of the international route with a total of 245 thousand visitors in the previous locations: National Museum for Prehistory and Protohistory of Berlin, the Hermitage of St. Petersburg and the National Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Promoted by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia – Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce, with the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, the Regional Directorate of Museums of Sardinia and the MANN, the exhibition is sponsored by MAECI and the MIC in collaboration with the Foundation of Sardinia general coordination of Villaggio Globale International.

About 200 exhibits from the Museums of Cagliari, Nuoro and Sassari. Among the most important loans are the Nuragic bronzes and one of the stone sculptures of the Warriors of Mont’e Prama. The exhibition is curated by Federica Doria, Stefano Giuliani, Elisabetta Grassi, Manuela Puddu and Maria Letizia Pulcini, with the coordination of Bruno Billeci and Francesco Muscolino. Manfred Nawroth, Yuri Piotrovsky, Angeliki Koukouvou and Paolo Giulierini on the scientific committee.

The Nuragic experience has also been extended until the feast of San Gennaro (closing scheduled for 11 September), the partnership with the cultural sites of the ExtraMann circuit continues. ;; On 4 September, on the occasion of Sunday at the MiC Museum, the exhibition can be visited for free. Medal of the President of the Republic, the exhibition is part of the Heritage Tourism project funded by the EU with POR FESR Sardinia 2014/2020 funds.



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