gas like Covid in Italy?

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Just as we thought we had put the season behind us curfewof the smart working forced and restrictions in general, here is that the gas crisis it could bring the hands of the clock back to Italy by several months.

While the government should soon pass a new decree, which will then be converted by the next Parliament, to try to face the expensive-bills which could soon bring families, businesses and businesses to their knees, the Ministry of Ecological Transition it would be working at the same time on a plan to try to contain the use of electricity – and therefore also of gas – in our country.

Despite the announcement by Ursula von der Leyen the achievement of 80% filling of gas storage sites, a goal that the EU had set for itself at the beginning of November but which would have been achieved well in advance, the probable stop of supplies from Russia they should also lead to rationing policies in the Old Continent.

According to what was reported by The Republic And The messengerto cope with the emergency this winter in Italy two covidian terms such as smart working and curfew could come back into vogue.

Smart working and curfew against the gas crisis?

In the coming months in Italy the imperative will be save electricitywhich in our country is produced for 50% thanks to gas: among the member states of the EU we are the ones with the highest share.

Given the dark (and cold) times that await us due to the lower inflow of gas from Russia (but we are moving towards zero) and the increase in costs, the government will soon announce a plan to contain electricity consumption.

The first move will concern homes and businesses, with thelowering of the thermostat by one degree and decreasing the ignition times by one hour a day. In addition, we will try to save 15 days of plant operation by delaying the start date of the radiators and anticipating the closing date.

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These measures should generate savings of approximately 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas, but this may not be enough. Here, then, the hypothesis of a return of the smart working for all public employees as in the days of Covid.

This strategy could also involve the private sector, with many companies that have already started to set up this strategy. In this regard, there would seem to be no lack of controversy, given that in these times of crazy bills, workers would be afraid, with the return of smart working that has often been denied even in the midst of the pandemic, of seeing their consumption increase to reduce those of companies.

As in the middle of Covid there would finally be the concrete risk of a substantial one curfew: to save electricity, in addition to turning off 40% of street lamps and illuminated signs during the night, there is the hypothesis of a early closure of public offices (17.30), shops (19.00) and premises (23.00).

In essence, the Italians could be called upon to make new sacrifices without peace in Ukraine in return, with the war going on and Russia having tripled its earnings from gas despite some sanctions which so far are only bringing Europe to its knees.

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