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Energy emergency, Assosistema meets the councilor for economic development of the Veneto Region

Energy emergency, Assosistema meets the councilor for economic development of the Veneto Region
Energy emergency, Assosistema meets the councilor for economic development of the Veneto Region
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(Teleborsa) – Confindustria Assosistema announces that he has met the Councilor for Economic Development and Energy in Venice, Roberto Marked, who shared and was sensitive and attentive to the problems presented. Faced with the Government’s failure to intervene on the elaboration of immediate measures, given the serious situation, the Association, together with one representation entrepreneurialconsidered it useful to express to Councilor Marcato the serious concern for the survival of the industrial laundries sector following the uncontrolled increase in gas and electricity prices.

The laundries industrial perform essential and non-postponable services, such as rental and disinfection linen for hotel and restaurant facilities and rental, sanitization of linen, uniforms and medical kits for operating theaters as well as the sterilization service (reusable technical fabric and surgical instruments) for hospitals, nursing homes and nursing homes.

The blocking or the reduction of their activity could have, in fact, strong consequences on regular operation of the related sectors of health and tourism, in addition to the social repercussions on the territory, in particular, at the employment level. Suffice it to say that in the Veneto region alone, there are about 80 companies in the sector that work with a stable employment of 2,000 workers, of which 93% are permanent and 70% women, to which must be added the numbers of related industries and seasonal peaks.

THE data they speak for themselves: if in 2019 the average income statement of industrial laundries of sector sanitary forecasts an incidence of gas and energy costs of 4%, in 2022 the incidence of energy costs jumped to 25%, equal to 6 times the previous incidence. This determines that the margin operating gross it fell from 25% to 4% and the net result of the sector to -14%. If, in detail, we consider the costs in the bill, with the same gas consumption, in June 2022 the increase was 600%, compared to the same period in 2021.

“After the losses due to more than two years of pandemic, the sector of industrial laundries that supply hotels and restaurants is no longer able to sustain the increases in gas and energy bills – he commented. Aldo Confalonieri, President of the Integrated Hotel Services section of Assosistema Confindustria – just think that the incidence of gas and energy costs can reach up to 50%. Companies are, therefore, working at a loss. We are forced to make every industrial process more efficient and rationalize, not excluding, however, the necessary increase in the price of the hotel service and the repercussions on employment. I remember that the tourism sector represents 14% of the national GDP and that the industrial laundries sector is the first supplier in the supply chain, without which the hotel and restaurant cannot guarantee adequate hospitality to tourists or customers “.


Marco SquassinaPresident of the Integrated Health Services section of Assosistema Confindustria, added: “Despite this situation, industrial laundries operating in the health sector are continuing to work to continue to perform a service that is” of public utility “for public and private health. with contracts, among other things, that do not allow renegotiation due to excessive cost and unexpected and unforeseeable events and, despite being of multi-year duration, do not contemplate the periodic adjustment of prices. It should be noted that only in the Veneto region the companies dress 57,000 workers and 17,500 beds but, when the costs rise by 6-10 times, they cannot continue to provide the services at the same prices established by a tender perhaps made 3 or 5 years ago “.

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The appeal of Confindustria Assosistema to the Regions and the State, therefore, is to intervene immediately on the issue gas power And fuels because as early as September the situation could become no longer recoverable for their companies. “The invitation is to do well and do it quickly, politics listen to us because we run out of time and put on the agenda, among the priorities, the needs of an industrial sector that cannot reduce services to health and tourism, but who cannot even continue to work at a loss “.

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