Ubriaca flips with the car in via Mario Angeloni. 35 years old reported

Ubriaca flips with the car in via Mario Angeloni. 35 years old reported
Ubriaca flips with the car in via Mario Angeloni. 35 years old reported
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Perugia, 1 September 2022 – It was about one and a half in the morning when the agents of the State Police of Perugia intervened in via Mario Angeloni where a small car had overturned in the middle of the roadway. Inside, a woman. Not far away another damaged vehicle.

Immediately got off the wheel, the operators reached the occupants of the cars involved in the accident to check their health conditions, after which, having verified that none of them had suffered obvious injuries, they requested the intervention of the Fire Brigade and the 118 health workers. .

From the surveys carried out, it emerged that the woman, an Italian citizen born in 1987, while passing through via Mario Angeloni, had bumped into the metal fence placed at the edge of the road. The impact had then overturned the vehicle that had collided with another car that, in the meantime, was arriving in the opposite lane. Once extracted from the sheets of the subcompact, the driver was entrusted to the care of the health workers but she immediately showed herself to be uncooperative and reluctant to be visited, showing a clear state of alcoholic intoxication.

At that point, the agents requested the help of a traffic police patrol to carry out the breathalyzer test which gave a positive result.

The 35-year-old, in fact, was found to have an alcohol level four times higher than the permitted limit.

The girl was then referred to the judicial authorities for driving under the influence and causing a road accident. In addition to the withdrawal of her driving license and the subtraction of 10 points, the woman’s vehicle was also confiscated.


Once the ritual activities were completed, the staff of the Municipality of Perugia cleaned the road surface and restored the damaged furnishings, allowing traffic to reopen.

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The article is in Italian


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