“I was very young, I needed to mature”

“I was very young, I needed to mature”
“I was very young, I needed to mature”
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Simone Fontecchio replied to the recent words of Ettore Messina, who during the first conference of the season said he had made a mistake with the player. “When I arrived in the summer of 2019, when we spoke with Simone I told him: “If I have to keep you here to play five minutes per game …”. There was Brooks, Vlado [Micov]. Maybe I should have understood it first and said: “Vlado plays less, Jeff plays less and Simone Fontecchio goes inside”. And instead, thinking of doing something also in his interest, I told him that in my opinion perhaps the best thing was to go elsewhere“, the Olimpia coach recently said.

I’m not sending anyone to hell. I have no stones to remove from my shoes, I am at peace and I am proud of what I have done. The difficulties encountered helped me to be who I am“, Simone Fontecchio said, as reported in La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera.”I was very young, I needed to mature, and I decided to do it elsewhere. In the end, given my path, the choice was right. When I arrived at the Olimpia there were those who believed in me: Jasmin Repesa. In the first year in Milan I had space, then he left and everything changed. But maybe I was too young“.

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