Gas, multiple sources and supplies by ship. For now, Italy manages to avoid the emergency

Roberto Cingolani, Minister for Ecological Transition and former director of the Italian Institute of Technology, would have declared that, unlike Germany, Italy does not need to raise the alarm level on gas. Luca Pagni and Carlotta Scozzari of La Repubblica reported the news: although Italy has an energy consumption substantially in line with that of Germany, the Germans would suffer more after the cuts in supplies imposed by Russia. The reason is that even before the conflict in Ukraine, Italy had already increased alternative imports to those from Gazprom, the Kremlin’s energy giant, making use not only of gas pipelines, but above all of transport by ship.

Palazzo Chigi, in the course of previous governments, has “deployed its giants of state to guarantee supplies from multiple sources”. Let’s think about Snamwhich has taken control of a series of infrastructures (gas pipelines and regasifiers), but also ad Eni which carries out activities in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Congo, Angola, Mozambique and in the future also in Qatar. More gas is also coming from Azerbaijan and the United States.

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