“Protagonists in NATO and the EU”

“Protagonists in NATO and the EU”
“Protagonists in NATO and the EU”

ROME – “The convergence of views between Italy and Germany it creates the conditions to act as protagonists of the ongoing strengthening in the field of collective defense. We need to proceed swiftly and united, both within our reference organizations and by developing our bilateral collaboration even more ”. Thus the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, meeting yesterday in Berlin with his German colleague Christine Lambrecht. “In other words”, the Minister specified, “continuing to be strong together, as Italy and Germany have been strong for some time in the context of the Union, in the common strategic vision of a European defense complementary and not alternative to NATO, as well as in the ability to develop innovative programs in cooperation “. New strategic guidelines for the Alliance and the Union, more cohesive, and therefore more solid, and areas for increasing bilateral collaboration were therefore the focus of yesterday’s meeting, the second with the German Minister after that of last February, on the occasion of the “Security Conference” held in Munich. Today’s confrontation opens with an update on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, with a brief overview of the respective actions taken to support the resistance of the attacked country, through political, diplomatic and material support “still indispensable to ensure equal negotiations. “. “Our commitment” continued the Minister of Defense “must undoubtedly be aimed at consolidating the initiatives that until now have made it possible to contain an escalation of the conflict “.

The Ministers then discussed their respective expectations regarding the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid as well as the new NATO Strategic Concept, “document” Guerini affirmed “the result of a demanding job, to which Italy has also made its effective contribution. , and which fully responds to the new needs of the Alliance in the security context that the Strategic Concept itself describes in a precise manner “. “The future of the Alliance will be determined in Madrid and we must face the appointment with the guarantee of success. Those who look at us will have confirmation of the solidity, compactness and cohesion that are the first strengths of the Alliance ”, said Guerini. “In fact, many challenges await us, including that of continuing to guarantee NATO’s ability to supervise at 360 °, to protect all strategic quadrants: a need that Italy has always highlighted. Certainly to protect the eastern flank, as well as by monitoring and garrisoning the southern flank, on which the effects of what is happening in Ukraine also reverberate “.


A similar unity of purpose was highlighted on the theme of the construction of European defense and on the shared priority of proceeding the implementation of the objectives indicated in the Strategic Compass. Still in the context of strengthening the European common defense, the Ministers dwelt in depth on the importance of consolidating the autonomy of the Union in strategic industrial sectors, defining this objective as a necessity for Europe and an opportunity for NATO, which would see its overall capacity thus extended, precisely by virtue of the strengthening of its European pillar. “It is” said Guerini “a path to be built together, in which Italy firmly believes and in which the Italian defense industry can provide a decisive contribution, since its ‘know-how’ is functional to strengthening the technological base and common production. Italy firmly defends the need to make spending more efficient and optimize procurement, but only a real cooperative model between Member States can ensure this “. “To carry out this project” he continued “it is necessary to avoid fragmentation and duplication of projects, improving the efficiency of investments. The model of ‘cooperative procurement’ in which we believe consists in buying the same things together, after having established what the common needs are in the light of a preventive work that identifies shared threats, defines the gaps to be filled and favors interoperability “.

The issue of a joint procurement of this nature was also the subject of the subsequent bilateral agreement with the Secretary of State for Defense, Benedikt Zimmer, where it was reiterated the need for cooperation between Member States what better solution to look to the future of European defense. A position expressed by Italy in Food for Thought Paper, which reaffirms the need to strengthen the European technological and industrial base by encouraging cooperation programs, as well as avoiding fragmentation and duplication of projects and overcoming rivalries. At the end of the institutional meetings, Minister Guerini, guest of the Italian Ambassador in Berlin, Armando Varricchio, then spoke at the conference entitled “Stronger Together – Toward a Common European Defense”, held at the Italian Embassy in Berlin is also dedicated to the theme of consolidating European autonomy in the energy, technology and defense sectors.

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