Florence, the English crown restores structure on the Arno? Prince Charles interested

Florence, the English crown restores structure on the Arno? Prince Charles interested
Florence, the English crown restores structure on the Arno? Prince Charles interested

Florence, 24 June 2022 – The United Kingdom is interested in Remole fullers, and it is Prince Charles himself who asked to be informed about the future of the fourteenth-century factory in the territory of Bagno a Ripoli, but owned by the Municipality of Florence. On Thursday the lady Elizabeth Nobrega Tsakirogloupresident of the Nobrega foundation and of the International Institute of Traditional Knowledge, has arrived in Florence to visit what remains of the Fullers.

Its foundation has long been interested in the ancient factory, where in the golden days they were crumpled English wool also intended for the Royal House. Nobrega also presented himself on behalf of his Royal Highness Prince Charles, interested – he explained – in promoting the restoration of what is now a monument of history and culture. Here the history of the art of wool has passed through its walls, to treat the clothes using the strength of the mills moved by the Arno.

Once its industrial mission was finished and until the 1960s, it was a village inhabited by familiesbut gradually it was abandoned by residents and also by politics to become just a reminder of the glory it once was.

The first to involve the Prince of Wales were the boys of the Da Vinci Higher Institute che had written him a postcard recalling the link between the Fullers and England. Then 5 years ago, after so many unsuccessful sales auctions, even the mayor Dario Nardella he had written to the prince, proposing the establishment of an Anglo-Italian task force to identify viable solutions for those Gualchiere. And confirmation of interest had come from Buckingham Palace.

Today, after many years and after the property has been removed from the list of those that can be sold in Palazzo Vecchio, here it is Mrs Nobrega: it was she herself who asked the technical group on the Fullers, set up at the Circolo Vie Nuove in Florence, to be able to visit it. She was accompanied by the former mayor of Bagno a Ripoli Luciano Bartolini, by the architect Pietro Laureano, both members of the working group, and there were also the Florentine councilor for non-residential heritage (and landlord) Alessandro Martini and the architect Giorgio Caselli, director of the Fine Arts service of Palazzo Vecchio.

The president of the foundation found “the quality and importance of the work carried out in the Fullers to secure with a huge investment this extraordinary monument “and spurred the Municipality to continue the desire to create a system that brings the monument back to the public, as proposed by the technical group.

There is still talk of making you a pole of culture, craftsmanship and the environment. There Nobrega Foundation has made itself available to support the project with funds for the creation of a museum, but also international scholarships related to research. He would also be available to donate a collection of Michael Carrington’s art, silver, statues and artifacts. England, Mrs Nobrega guaranteed, is there. And Prince Charles as well.

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