Banksy theft at Bataclan, 6 months to the Abruzzo hotelier

Banksy theft at Bataclan, 6 months to the Abruzzo hotelier
Banksy theft at Bataclan, 6 months to the Abruzzo hotelier

They stole Banksy from the Bataclan. The work was later found in Sant’Omero by the Carabinieri. The convictions for those responsible for the theft arrive: 6 months for the Abruzzo hotelier involved.

The Court of Paris sentenced the 59-year-old to 6 months Tortoreto hotelier which ended up at trial on charges of receiving stolen goods Banksy panel stolen from the Bataclan. On the other hand, he was fully acquitted of the charges concerning the period prior to the movement of the work in his garage. That is, from January 2019 – when the theft occurred – to January 2020, a period preceding, in fact, the involvement in the crime of the man who, as considered by the Court, “He could neither know nor know what was hidden behind the black cloth that had been given to him by a friend”. The displacement of the work, however – which took place from his garage to a cottage in Sant’Omero – was deemed relevant for the purposes of his alleged guiltas reported The messenger.
The other 7 North Africans, who ended up in trial for various reasons, were also sentenced to prison terms ranging from 10 months to 4 years.
The hotelier’s lawyer commented on the decision of the Court, Luca Di Edoardo: “This is an acquittal, albeit partial, which does justice to a man who has unwittingly seen himself catapulted into an international affair with a judicial tone of absolute relevance. The decision of the criminal collegiate court of Paris, in fact, largely accepted the defense’s arguments, completely disregarding the reconstruction of the facts made by the investigating judge at the conclusion of the related investigations and equally burdensome arguments and requests also advanced by the prosecutor in the indictment “.

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