Ryanair celebrates the 15th anniversary in Cagliari

Ryanair celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in Cagliari

Ryanair celebrates the 15th anniversary in Cagliari:

The press conference to celebrate Ryanair’s fifteenth anniversary in Cagliari was held this morning in the Cagliari Airport library.

First airline in Europe and Italy, the company’s first flight in the city was in 2007, from Cagliari to Pisa.

A constant presence that guarantees a positive trend for the Sardinia Region, even after the difficult years due to the pandemic

The following were present and intervened at the conference:

  • Renato Branca: Chief Executive Officer Sogaer;
  • Mauro Bolla: Ryanair Country Manager for Italy;
  • Gianni Chessa: Regional Tourism Councilor;
  • David Crognaletti: Sogaer Sales Director.

Ryanair celebrates

Ryanair’s fifteenth anniversary in Cagliari

Renato Branca, CEO Sogaer, introduced the press conference:

Ryanair Renato Branca

“We started with numbers very similar to 2019 in April; in May we brought 5% more passengers to Cagliari than in the same month of 2019 and yesterday’s data for June confirm this positive trend. Our business is combined with that of other carriers; today this is another starting point for us and we hope to be able to put 2020 and 2021 behind us definitively ”.

David Crognaletti, Sogaer Commercial Director, wanted to underline further technical aspects to try to understand how important the presence of Ryanair is at Cagliari Airport not only for the city but for all of Southern Sardinia:

Ryanair David Crognaletti

“From the end of March to the end of October the company operates with 38 connections and 30 connections remain also in winter. This means truly guaranteeing mobility, a concept that has for some time been closely and exclusively linked to that of territorial continuity; We welcome the fact that a company like Sogaer had the foresight, back in 2007, to reach 160,000 passengers to date with over 2 million, the ones we expect for this year. We are talking about a total of 20 million passengers, these are important numbers “.

Ryanair has allowed a constant flow of tourists throughout the year; these are important data for a reality like ours.

Ryanair’s development and incentive plans

Mauro BollaRyanair’s Country Manager for Italy, specified the plans that the company is carrying out for the city of Cagliari:

Ryanair Mauro Bolla

“We wanted to be here today. 15 years is really an important goal but it is also a lot of work and the passengers have reciprocated all this and continue to do so. This is the most important aspect for us “.

Numerous data were exhibited demonstrating the growth in the area: total network:

  • 89 bases;
  • 36 countries served;
  • 225 airports;
  • 2500 routes.

These figures confirm Ryanair as the number one airline in Europe.

What will allow Ryanair to grow further is the development plan: Ryanair, during the Covid period, has increased its order of Boeing 737- 8200 Gamechanger, (210 units) which allow it to carry 4% more passengers with 16% less fuel consumption and with a good environmental impact , especially from a noise point of view.

“We have a very ambitious environmental goal: zero emissions by 2050. We are implementing various actions but the most important is certainly the use of sustainable fuels (SAF)” says Mauro Bolla.

Cagliari represents a big investment for Ryanair:

  • 15 years of activity;
  • 3 aircraft in base (90 in Italy);
  • quantified investment for Ryanair of $ 300 million;
  • 38 total routes;
  • Over 350 flights per week:
  • Over 2000 total jobs.

There incentive policy is present on the Ryanair website and is a model calibrated on European parameters: products in which the company is interested, the opening of new destinations, growth in terms of frequencies, the possibility of having routes even in winter and much more. The economic return is direct but also indirect.

The recovery of tourism and Ryanair promotions

Mauro Bolla wanted to highlight the importance of the recovery of tourism in this period. A proposal was made by Ryanair to the Government but it remained unheard.

We talk about the “tourism tax”: Of the 6.50 euros that a passenger pays when departing from every Italian airport, almost nothing gets to the municipalities. Everything else goes to cover INPS expenses for air transport.

“Let’s put Italy at the same pace as other European countries; we try not to create situations that disadvantage us as a country system ” says Mauro Bolla.

“The investment must be made over the long term. Our proposal always remains the same:

  • Suspension of the tax for all airports and for all airlines;
  • Ryanair is ready to bring an additional 40 aircraft, which means 1,500 direct additional jobs and additional passengers transported to and from Italy ”.

In addition, from today until June 25, one is active promotion on flights to fly until October with fares available from 21.99 euros (bookings by 25 June on the Ryanair website Ryanair official website | Low Cost Flights | Cheap Flights)

Also Gianni Chessa, Regional Councilor for Tourism, he wanted to thank the company for its presence and for allowing people to get to know Sardinia, despite the penalization mainly due to European laws that do not allow complete autonomy in the management of transport:

Gianni Chessa

“There are very positive data for tourism: there is a strong return of Italians but also of foreigners in Sardinia and this is mainly due to the activity carried out by the companies present including, obviously, Ryanair”.

The path that has been traced from Cagliari Airport with the Ryanair company is a long one that aims to guarantee the necessary conditions for the company to grow further. And bring further benefits to the city and to all of southern Sardinia.

Elena Elisa Campanella

The article is in Italian

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