“I hope to stay in Italy for a long time and to be in the European Championship”

“I hope to stay in Italy for a long time and to be in the European Championship”
“I hope to stay in Italy for a long time and to be in the European Championship”

John Petrucelli, the new face of the Italian national team, spoke to Piero Guerrini about “Tuttosport”, underlining the choice of wanting to acquire the citizenship of the beautiful country: “Because I’m curious, I wanted to find out everything about my past. My great-grandfather left from Orta di Atella, a town of 25 thousand inhabitants 20-25 km from Naples, but in the province of Caserta, to seek his fortune in the early twentieth century, late nineteenth century. I wanted to discover my roots. Then I thought about getting an Italian passport. It has been a good search over the past three years, followed day after day, interesting, starting from Hicksville where I was born when I was 23. But my ancestors had lived in other American states. I found a lot of help and documentation in Chicago. Italy has an incredible history, just arriving in Rome and seeing buildings and works of over 2000 years leaves you speechless. And besides the story, then I tried your cuisine, incredible “.

In his youth there was not only basketball in the thoughts of the new number 77 of the national team: “I played everything, I enjoyed street hockey with friends, but I also played baseball and football at school. The only sport not practiced, lacrosse. Then I chose as my brothers the sport that my father had not practiced. To be honest, I was better at wrestling than in any other sport. My dad was a high school wrestler. But I liked basketball, he fascinated me. Maybe because it was a team game, while in the fight I was alone. But as a wrestler I was really good “.

Petrucelli is also fresh from renewal with Germani Brescia: “In Italy you live really well. I hope to stay there for a long time. For two more seasons, but I am confident to go even further. It’s like home. And we will also play in Eurocup. It was exciting to sign the new contract. For me it also means that I convinced them with my performance and my approach. It’s a company that tries to build something important, I like this “.

And now the head is on the possibility of playing for a place in the 12 for the European Championship in September: “Yes, it would be a great success. It is an honor. For sure he will leave no stone unturned. Meanwhile, here I was very well received by all the boys. Pozzecco is an engaging coach. I hope to enter 12 for the European Championship, but in the meantime I plan to enter 12 for Saturday’s match against Slovenia. And maybe be reconvened. This is a great adventure. An adventure that until a few years ago I never even imagined I could live “.

Press release by: Lega Basket Serie A Official Website

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