Campania Teatro Festival, 16th day program: on stage “The unsuccessful” and “Before the night”

Campania Teatro Festival, 16th day program: on stage “The unsuccessful” and “Before the night”
Campania Teatro Festival, 16th day program: on stage “The unsuccessful” and “Before the night”

Wealth and cultural variety distinguish the sixteenth day of the Campania Teatro Festival, directed by Ruggero Cappuccio and realized with the concrete commitment of the Campania Region. The review, now in its fifteenth edition, is organized by the Campania Festival of Festivals, chaired by Alessandro Barbano. The Real Bosco di Capodimonte will host two world premieres for the National Prose section. In the courtyard of the Royal Palace, at 9 pm, it makes its debut “The unsuccessful” from Thomas Bernhardin the translation of Renata Colorni and on reduction of Ruggero Cappuccio. The direction is by Federico Tiezzi, which is measured again with Bernhard after having already staged, at the “Campania Teatro Festival” in 2020, a version of Antichi Maestri. The first chapter of an ideal trilogy on the arts, Il succcombente is a great reflection dedicated to the mystery of music. On the famous novel by the Austrian author, Cappuccio has carried out an operation that brings the text back to its theatrical matrix, an innate characteristic of Bernhard’s narrative work.

The production involves the «Lombardi-Tiezzi» Company, the Pistoiese Theater Association and the Campania Festival Foundation itself. On stage Sandro Lombardi, Martino d’Amico And Francesca Gabucci. The story takes place in Salzburg, when three promising pianists decide to follow the course of a famous music teacher. One of these young people is Glenn Gould, genius and unrivaled virtuoso of the piano. And it is precisely Gould’s undeniable superiority that marks the life of another of the young people: Wertheimer. The work unfolds as a cruel theorem revolving around a question: to what extent are we responsible for our failures? World premiere also for «Before the night». That is who killed me in 2022, the concert-show by Tato Russo which celebrates 52 years of theater and 75 years of life, which makes its debut at the Landscape Garden of Porta Miano at 9 pm. To accompany Russo on the stage there will be the “Incorporea Group”, composed of Carlotta Bruni, Doriana Barbati And Lucrezia Serafini. The choreographies are by Aurelio Gattiwhile Livio Galassi signs the direction. The reading of poems will reconstruct the career of a multifaceted talent of the national dramatic scene and will be a confession and an exemplification of his peculiar poetics.

National premiere for the Dance section, with a ballet that arrives in Italy after a long tour in the USA and Canada. The rooms on the first floor of the Capodimonte Museum will host the «Ballet des Porcelaines» or «The Prince of the teapot», with two shows at 4 and 5 pm. «Ballet des Porcelaines» brings back a pantomime dance whose first performance took place in 1739, near Paris. It is a work, today, almost unknown and of which very little survives. The fairy tale relives thanks to Meredith Martin – professor of art history at Nyu and producer of the show – e Phil Chan, who took care of the choreographies. The dancers Georgina Pazcougin, Daniel Applebaum And Tyler Hanes will be on stage with the “Baroque Ensemble” of Naples, interpreter of the precious eighteenth-century musical repertoire: Tommaso Rossi (recorder and traversiere), Marco Piantoni (violin), Manuela Albano (cello), Ugo di Giovanni (archlute) and Patrizia Varone (harpsichord). There are three proposals for the Special Projects section. Third meeting for Il Sogno Reale. The Bourbons of Naples, the project conceived by Ruggero Cappuccio and curated by Marco Perillo: on the stage of the Giardino dei Principi, at 9 pm, Giovanni Esposito reads Le Roux had bought a knife, text by Enrico Ianniello. Peppino Le Roux, armed with a knife, frantically searches for his wife’s alleged lover in the Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta. The discovery took place through a note, which fell into his hands. It is the voice of little Aurora, her daughter, to tell the story, between the enchantment of beauty and the pain of betrayal. As part of the Pompeii Theatrum Mundi, replica Due regine. Mary Stuart vs Elizabeth Tudor – Elizabeth Tudor vs Mary Stuart, on stage at the Teatro Grande in Pompeii at 9 pm.

Dramaturgical elaboration, direction and interpretation are by Elena Bucci and Chiara Muti. A production of The beautiful flags in collaboration with the Naples Theater – National Theater and the Campania Festival Foundation. Queens and rivals, the two women are inextricably linked to each other by virtue of their open contrast. The historical reality is intertwined with a parallel dramaturgy of great suggestion, suspended between story and dream.

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