“Failure to implement procedures”

“Failure to implement procedures”
“Failure to implement procedures”

REGGIO CALABRIA A few days after the written answer question was filed, addressed to the president of the Calabria region Roberto Occhiuto, signed by the regional councilors Amalia Bruni, group leader of the mixed group, Domenico Bevacqua, group leader of the Democratic Party and Davide Tavernise, group leader of the 5stelle movement in Regional Council, to find out which strategies the Region intended to adopt and which ones it has already undertaken to increase the capacity for prevention and control of fires in Calabria, unfortunately, today over ten fires have been registered in the province of Reggio, between Siderno and Locri.
“The news of these few hours – reads a note by Amali Bruni – leaves us dismayed, frightened and indignant at what promises to be the worst debut for the 2022 summer season, the memory of the tragedy that occurred in last summer, when vast fires struck the Calabrian territory causing loss of human life and hundreds of hectares of forest. What we feared, namely that the regional government had not put in place all the strategies and actions useful for preventing and fighting fires, had led us to file a written question to President Occhiuto, but the answer, the most painful one, which confirms the failure to implement the necessary procedures, came from today’s fires. Yet the Associations had for some time drawn attention to the serious risk to which they were facing. It is not enough to make a council resolution if all the tools are not implemented. It is our duty to supervise the regional government so that it takes action in time and effectively to safeguard our territory and our communities. It is no longer the time for words but the time for concrete actions. We must protect our territory and the population living in high-risk realities with the tools available “.

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