From the Marche Region 58 million for energy efficiency and innovation

From the Marche Region 58 million for energy efficiency and innovation
From the Marche Region 58 million for energy efficiency and innovation

Development of energy policies: the Region invests, relaunches and supports a new growth model in support of energy efficiency. There are two guidelines outlined by the vice-president of the Marche Carloni Region: on the one hand the development of energy communities, on the other hand the allocation of resources in favor of energy innovation.

As far as energy communities are concerned, the latter represent an essential prerogative in this phase of ecological transition in order to create a virtuous system that produces and consumes energy from renewable sources.

At the center of the fifth session, the Committee for Energy Policies of the Region met to consult the documents implementing the regional law 10/202, relating to regional interventions to promote and support the establishment of collective self-consumption groups from renewable sources and of renewable energy communities and for the discussion of the technical evaluation criteria for the financing of innovative projects promoted by local authorities in the field of energy efficiency and development of renewable energies.

The Energy Policy Committee is a place for technical discussion that sees the involvement of the major regional and national exponents of the energy sector whose task is to technically support the Region in defining strategies and developing innovative measures to support energy efficiency and of renewable energies.

“A community that produces the energy it needs by itself is an example of a virtuous model that we want to extend throughout the region”. This was stated by the vice president of the Marche Region Mirco Carloni who continued by saying: “The development of energy communities is a prerogative of the Marche Region for which we allocate 4 million euros. Every decision on the subject of energy transition – explains Carloni – assumes a fundamental importance that can no longer be postponed. For this reason, in order to continue in the direction traced by European and national legislation, we want to equip the Marche with a significant tool that helps citizens, businesses and local authorities in the energy transition. Self-consumption is a goal that we must all achieve together. We were clear about this and we shared it with the Energy Policy Committee ”.

And precisely in this sense, the vice president Carloni specified: “Regional support for investments by businesses and families to reduce consumption and convert them to renewable sources becomes, therefore, no longer just a useful action for the pursuit of the ambitious objectives pursued within of the 2030 and 2050 agenda of decarbonising the economy, but strategic action to allow the system to resist and not implode on itself. I believe that, first of all, energy policy must focus on skills, sharing and consultation, the result of discussions within the Committee for Energy Policies ”.

In terms of energy innovation, the decree was signed with which 20 projects were admitted to the tender for the financing of innovative energy efficiency measures. These projects will allow companies to achieve high energy performance, guaranteeing 90% self-consumption. This means that companies will move closer to complete energy self-sufficiency with all the resulting economic and environmental benefits.

“The first tender issued – continues Carloni – has shown great interest from companies in the issue of energy transformation. Parallel to the financial endowment of three million from the tender, the companies will invest around 5 million euros to support their respective projects. It is the intention of the Marche Region to increase support for the sector through an additional 15 million euros allocated in the “POR 2020-2027” and to define additional spaces for the sector to be obtained in the future regional budget. We want to bring concrete examples of collective self-consumption communities in the Marche region, creating a model that can be replicated on a large scale. As the Marche Region we want to make our contribution to making citizens, territorial bodies and local authorities, commercial activities and companies the protagonists of an unprecedented change, with the concrete possibility of self-producing clean energy, aimed at self-consumption. Overall, we have prepared a plan of interventions aimed at the development and energy efficiency of 58 million both of POR funds and of the regional budget “.

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