Drought in Tuscany: the point of the situation

Drought in Tuscany: the point of the situation
Drought in Tuscany: the point of the situation

A situation of high water severity that constitutes one of the driest periods of the last twenty years. This is what emerged from the meeting convened by the regional councilor for the environment and soil defense Monia Monni which was attended together with the mayors, the Tuscan Water Authority (AIT), the District Authorities, Anci, Upi and Anbi . During the meeting, the data was illustrated that underline a high water severity, recording one of the driest periods of the last twenty years. In particular, a critical condition was highlighted on the Serchio, stable in the Grosseto area, even if the Grosseto Ombrone now has a trend similar to the periods of July and August of the last few years, a trend equal to the 2017 drought period of Lake Massaciuccoli, and as far as the Arno is concerned, it has not yet reached the levels of 2012.

The wells in the areas of Livorno, Grosseto and Pistoia are in a worse situation than in previous years. Essentially, criticalities are found for all groundwater bodies.
Major problems in coastal areas that draw water from groundwater and in mountain communities because they are supplied from sources, while in areas that draw water from basins the situation is less serious. The basins of Bilancino and Montedoglio represent an important water reserve, and are guaranteeing supply to the territories of central Tuscany; if necessary, they will also be able to guarantee supplies to other territories in the region.

The seriousness of the situation is also confirmed by the indications received from the Lamma Consortium which recorded, in the first months of the year, a strong reduction in rainfalls, even compared to 2017. Furthermore, currently, July and August are expected with temperatures above the average and rainfall below average, which will also cause important phenomena of water evaporation. As regards the situation of the reservoirs, the large ones are substantially well, while the natural reservoirs are not well, in particular Massaciuccoli and Chiusi.

“Unfortunately the low rainfall this year is putting our water reserves in crisis – explained the commissioner Monni pulling the strings of the meeting that took place with the Tuscan mayors and the competent authorities – and the weather forecasts tell us that there will be little rainfall and above average temperatures, even for the next few months. All this will aggravate an already emergency situation, as we have not seen for more than twenty years. Only thanks to the presence of the two important water basins of Bilancino and Montedoglio in the central areas of Tuscany is the situation less serious than in the rest of the Region and the good management of this resource will be able to guarantee supplies also for the rest of the Tuscan territory “.

“The meeting – continued Monni – was also useful in defining some actions to be taken to manage this critical situation and, together with Ait and Cispel, representative of the water service managers, we shared the need to ask for a further effort from managers for the drafting of an extraordinary program to search for leaks and repair interventions. Reducing losses is one of the most effective actions to save water resources and we have verified this in this year thanks to the great work done by the managers who made it possible to recover about 25 thousand cubic meters of water, half of Lake Bilancino. We also shared with the mayors the need to issue ordinances for the management and protection of the resource, as indicated by AIT, in the most fragile areas. Unfortunately we are facing a drought event among the most serious of the last twenty years, and therefore we need the contribution of all and all so that we do not waste unnecessarily you water. Many small tricks can make the difference “.

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