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“Connected”, the first Franciscan Meeting of the Mediterranean in Favara

Everything is ready in Favara to take place, from 24 to 26 Juneof the First Franciscan Meeting of the Mediterranean. The meeting named “Connected” was presented this morning during a press conference at the Archbishop’s Palace in Agrigento.

Present together with the archbishop of Agrigento Alessandro Damiano, the regional minister of the Secular Franciscan Order of Sicily, Carmelo Vitello, the deputy mayor of Favara Antonio Liotta and between Giuseppe Notofriar minor and spiritual assistant Ofs. Three days of events, from 24 to 26 June upcoming events, forums and moments of reflection and territorial animation that will be hosted by the historic center of the City of the Easter Lamb.

The Archbishop of Agrigento Alessandro Damiano

Let’s start Friday 24 at 15:00 at the Convent of Sant’Antonio at the San Francesco lookout with the welcome of volunteers. At 7 pm the presentation of the book will be held “Sister Economy” in the presence of the author Andrea Piccaluga with the participation of the “Literary Coffee of Favara” group. At 8.30 pm, the convent will also host a moment of prayer, with dinner and fraternal agape in the Garden of Mary.

Saturday 25 June, after the morning lauds scheduled at 8.30 at the church of SS. Rosario, off to the first moment of confrontation which will be hosted by the Timilia room of the Chiaramonte Castle at 10.30 entitled “Policy 2.0: what commitment? “ with father Gianni Notari, principal of the Arrupe Palermo Political School. Moderated by Mauro Mangano.

At the same time, in the Sala del Collare, space for discussion on the topic “Credible Believers”, with the regional manager of Libera Sicilia Vittorio Avveduto and Don Giuseppe Livatino. Moderated by Piero Di Garbo. Also the Castle, at 4 pm, will host in the Collare room “Meeting on the Web: how young people relate to the world of the web “. He will speak on the topic “How to live the Web” the professor Francesco Pira, sociologist of the University of Messina. Of “The web and evangelization” Don Giovanni Berti, cartoonist, will deal instead. Moderated by Antonio Cambria.

At the same time, the forum will be held in the Timilia room of the castle “Community Cooperatives and Energy Communities, Sustainable Tourism. Technical and design aspect “. Antonio Matina, provincial president of Confcooperative Agrigento, spoke. Moderated by Giuseppe Trovatello. Also at 4 pm, but in Piazza Cavour, via the first forum, entitled “The socio-political commitment of the Franciscans in the Mediterranean”. A comparison with the national OFS delegates of the Mediterranean which will be attended by representatives from Albania, Cyprus, France, Spain, Lebanon, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Portugal, Slovenia, Athens and Italy. Moderated by Noemi Paola Riccardi and Andrea Piccaluga.

Archbishop Alessandro Damiano, the regional minister of the SFO of Sicily, Carmelo Vitello, the deputy mayor of Favara Antonio Liotta

At 6 pm, in Piazza Cavour, off to the forum “Ecological conversion: Green transition, regeneration and culture of creation”. Speakers: Andrea Piccaluga, director of the Institute of Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa; Vincenzo Di Dio, professor at the University of Palermo; Giuseppe Savagnone, philosopher in charge of the culture office of the diocese of Palermo; Mauro Mangano, political leader and Secular Franciscan. Remote interventions of the Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference. He moderates the journalist Giuseppe Moscato.

At 7pm the Chiaramonte Castle instead it will host the presentation of the book “Karìbu” by the journalist Lidia Tilotta. You will participate in the LiberArci di Favara club. She moderates the journalist Salvatore Picone. At 8 pm, an aperitif will also be held at the castle.

At 9 pm, in Piazza Cavour, off to the third forum entitled ‘The Mediterranean without borders: recognizing ourselves as all brothers’‘. Speakers: Don Stefano Nastasi, former parish priest in Lampedusa and co-author of “Sbarchi di Umanità”; Pietro Bartolo, MEP and former doctor of Lampedusa; Lidia Tilotta, writer, journalist and editor of Mediterraneo Rai3; Monsignor Cristòbal Lòpez Romero bishop of Rabat – Morocco; Noemi Paola Riccardi, councilor to the Presidency of the SFO International Council – Referent for the Mediterranean area and Lello Analfino, artist and testimonial of numerous humanitarian campaigns for the Mediterranean. Moderated by Miriam Di Rosa. Afterwards, a moment of celebration will be held in Piazza Cavour, with the city monuments that will remain open until late in the evening thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality. The area will be closed to traffic.

The regional minister of the Secular Franciscan Order of Sicily, Carmelo Vitello

Sunday 26, at 8.30 the Church of the Rosary will host the morning praises. The forum will be held from 9.30 to 11 in Piazza Cavour “The Sicily we hope for: regenerated and cohesive”. Speakers: Monsignor Antonino Raspanti, president of CESI; Gaetano Armao, vice president of the Sicilian Region and regional councilor for the economy; Florinda Saieva, founder of Farm Cultural Park and Prime Minister; Carmelo Vitello, minister of the SFO Sicily; Dario Micalizio, president of the Sicily region of the Family Forum. An artistic intervention by Gaetano Aronica is foreseen. The journalist Felice Cavallaro will be moderating.

At 12, always in Piazza Cavour, a Eucharistic concelebration will be held presided over by Monsignor Antonino Raspanti and animated by the “Gruppo Armonico Incontri” directed by Maestro Graziella Fazzi. In the afternoon there will be visits to the monuments of the city of Favara, the Farm Cultural Park and contemporary art exhibitions.

The article is in Italian

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