Rivers of drugs between Sicily and Calabria: no of the investigating judge to 73 arrests

Rivers of drugs between Sicily and Calabria: no of the investigating judge to 73 arrests
Rivers of drugs between Sicily and Calabria: no of the investigating judge to 73 arrests

The carabinieri blitz had led to 51 arrests in prison and 22 to house arrest


Lack of the “requirement that the precautionary requirements be topical”. For this reason, the investigating judge of Reggio Calabria, Vincenzo Quaranta, rejected the request for 73 arrests, 51 in prison and 22 under house arrest, made by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate which now, against the decision of the judge, has appealed to the Review Court, before which the related hearing was set for July 5.

The appeal

The appeal was signed by the Public Prosecutor, Giovanni Bombardieri, by the adjunct Giuseppe Lombardo and by the prosecutors Antonella Crisafulli and Domenico Cappelleri. Most of the crimes contested in the investigation, called “Biro”, date back to the period between 2017 and 2018.

The investigations led to the discovery by the carabinieri of an alleged criminal association aimed at drug trafficking between Bovalino (Reggio Calabria) and Sommatino (Caltanissetta) Another investigative line concerns crimes against property, and in particular thefts against post offices with the use of explosive materials A third section of investigations dealt with some scams carried out between Rome and Calabria.

The investigations

Thanks to some employees of the Italian Post Office allegedly corrupt, the criminal organization would have acquired the data relating to bank securities and postal orders, not yet collected, from the respective beneficiaries. Money orders and securities that were then falsified and collected by people who presented themselves under a false name at the counters of credit institutions.

According to the Dda of Reggio Calabria, “it is absolutely clear that the investigating judge limited himself to a reading of the charges only, failing to differentiate between the positions, as would have been right in consideration of the gravity of the disputed facts, of the personality of the suspects that emerged from the investigation and appropriately highlighted in the request for the issuance of precautionary custody orders. The judge, unexpectedly – the prosecutors still maintain – confuses the date of commission of the alleged crimes or of ascertainment of the same with the actuality of the precautionary requirements.

If the investigating magistrate had read the request for a measure or the information from the judicial police, he could not have failed to consider the danger of repetition of the crime as concrete and current compared to the numerous suspects who, during the entire investigation, proved to be highly dangerous. social status deduced from the modalities of the individual behaviors that have shown, among other things, a great professionalism and unscrupulousness on the criminal level “.

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