the money invested for the man of the Santapaola clan-

the money invested for the man of the Santapaola clan-
the money invested for the man of the Santapaola clan-
from Ilaria Sacchettoni

Capital does not seem to re-emerge. The letters rogatory in progress. All the doubts of a death that does not interrupt the plot of the case but feeds a series of questions

Cursed by the two sides (one of the investors who lost them and the other of the broker who ended up under house arrest for them), the capital of the Bochicchio case seems far from re-emerging. Rogatoria in Asian countries (from Honk Kong to Jakarta) are underway to track down the treasure of Massimo Bochicchio, the golden boy of the Aniene circle, Kidman’s father and other financial vehicles around the United Kingdom. Pity. Because tracing the money would mean dissolving the many doubts of a story that is as intricate as it is painful. Put an end to the last (economic) illusion of the dream creator of the Trieste neighborhood, where he lived. Here, however, death does not cleanly cut a plot but complicates it. Extracting one poison at a time.

C.It is necessary to start again from the dark room on the ground floor of the Court where, on Monday morning, offended parties and lawyers, magistrates and journalists accepted the news of the broker’s death: The Court orders the acquisition of the death certificate … the judge said as professionals reluctant to wear the toga in the scorching temperatures of the season rushed to file the result of the latest defensive investigations. But what really happened at number 875 in via Salaria, the site of the accident? Really Massimo, the wizard of percentages, the wizard of zero points, has gone away for a joke of his heart?

The genetic code

Those who were present (and therefore witnesses) said that in the middle of a high-speed march, Bochicchio’s BMW drew a sort of comma along the roadway, as a brief existential parenthesis, and then went to crash along the perimeter wall of the airport of the city. The vehicle exploded and the broker charred dead. Tommaso Bochicchio, his brother, made it known that he could not recognize him and the magistrate, to give a sure name to the victim, ordered the DNA test whose result, summarily conveyed last Tuesday, will officially arrive in the next few days.


He was under house arrest

Massimo Bochicchio was under house arrest, monitored (he had an electronic bracelet), but he benefited from a special permit to be able to treat diabetes. This was not the case, however. Itinerary and day of the excursion (any Sunday) suggest other hypotheses. The broker, most likely, should have met someone. Uneasy about the restrictions, he had repeatedly urged the judges to arrange a more tenuous measure against him, something that would allow him to see people freely and, he said, recover lost money. Who had he seen with then?

Interactive Brokers

Overall, Bochicchio was in a hurry. But his clients had even more, from Marcello Lippi to Antonio Conte, Stephan El Sharaawy, Patrice Ezra and other victims of a collective dream with many zeros. He had promised to return up to 90% of the capital invested by my clients, the intermediary now chased by his own debts. Not everyone but someone had believed him. Except find out that in the platform that should have conveyed those compensation, Interactive Brokers ltd, there was no longer a cent. Empty. Where did the money that should have silenced the customers and eased his judicial position in return gone? The letters rogatory could solve the question, provided that an answer to the Italian investigators comes from the Asian countries in which they were forwarded.

From VIPs to clans

Arianna Iacomelli, the broker’s wife was in alarm lately. From the interrogation filed at the trial against her husband it was revealed that disreputable individuals were on the broker’s trail. The VIPs weren’t the only customers of Madoff dell’Aniene. In a note of the Finance it emerges that Massimo Bochicchio would have been involved in a story with fraudulent profiles – we read – on behalf of people close to the Santapaola mafia clan. Probably not everyone was polite towards him. And probably some were on the trail of him. Unfortunately people when there is money involved, I have learned in my life after thirty years of profession, they lose their reason the broker confided to the judge for preliminary investigations.

The inheritance

Having reached this point in history, when many of the hopes that had accompanied the emergence of the legal matter have now been disappointed, the issue of the broker’s inheritance remains. Once again the murmurs in that courtroom on the ground floor of the Roman judicial citadel seem to suggest prudence. It is not obvious that the broker’s wife decides to accept an inheritance that has a millionaire debt in her belly. The broker’s latest joke could be hiding here, in the folds of cursed capital.

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