“Continue with the doubling of the Doric basin”

“Continue with the doubling of the Doric basin”
“Continue with the doubling of the Doric basin”

ANCONA – “An important past, a present of commitment, a future with a great industrial partnership”: the Ancona sea-view formula is composed by Pierroberto Folgiero, at the foot of that spectacle of a ship that has just left the shipyard, under the gaze of San Ciriaco. The desire to invest in the Doric capital is expressed by the new one CEO of Fincantierijust over a month after his appointment.

A passage that marked the end of the era of Giuseppe Bono, for 20 years at the helm of the most important naval group in Europe. The eye of the ad passes quickly on the myriad of colored helmets of the people of the yard, lined up on the day of celebration in front of the Viking Saturn. «Thanks to all», clearly articulates the sense of gratitude. “Thank you, you are the core of this normalization.” He proclaims it from that city within the city, which stretches out over the Adriatic: 600 direct employees plus 3,000 associated companies. «This is a place with an enviable position, which has every possibility of being enlarged». The conversion into action is immediate: the doubling of the pelvis is a commitment, to be honored.

The wide
It does not affect the expansion programs, Folgiero makes it clear without delay. “Yes, we will continue in the luxury ship segment. Here will be the heart of the strategy ». Review orders and deliveries by heart: four cruise boats for Viking and one for Regent, a brand of the Norwegian Cruise Line group, will set sail by 2025, for a value that exceeds 2 billion euros. He is not afraid of eastern competition, the administrator of the colossus with headquarters in Trieste and a precious Doric corollary. He raises: «We are competitive. It depends on us: we must be disciplined on costs ». To prove that they are facts and not propaganda, he quotes the shipowner Torstein Hagen, the Norwegian billionaire, founder and president of Viking Cruises. “He wants to build other ships because reservations are 54% more than in 2019”. He doubles the stakes: “We are working hard to acquire new orders, now that the market is giving important signs of recovery.” One more point to demonstrate that the disengagement is not in the lineup. Far from it. “I think that in the next industrial cycle of this country the infrastructures are important and the funds will be there – he reassures him. – Making things happen, however, is a concertation exercise, resources are not enough. We must unload them on the ground ». He supports the guidelines of development: “Construction sites create jobs and GDP, so they should be on the high road: we believe in it”.

Investments of 40 million

For Folgiero, the net path remains at an investment of 40 million euros to expand that establishment bordered by the Adriatic, where dreams take the shape of boats. “Ships to explore”. He recalls the Vikings, who sailed the seas all over Europe, but does not set time limits. “At the moment I can’t put any date on it. There is a great commitment on the part of the management to stay in Ancona and to interact with all the institutions and all the stakeholders to create, increase and strengthen employment ». A stone’s throw from him is Luigi Matarazzo. The general manager of the merchant ships division of Fincantieri accompanies, along the path of transition, that project for an extension of 80 million euros: 40 already allocated by them, the others expected by the Ministry of Infrastructure, which has extended the resource availability. He cuts short: “There is an extension, but those funds have not yet been approved.” He prunes to the maximum: «I’m still in the drawer. As soon as they take them out, we put ours on. ” He had already said it before the pandemic: “I think everyone has understood what it means to have a bigger basin: it will be an advantage for the whole territory”. He goes on repeating it, like a mantra.


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