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26 free excursions from July to September

From July to September the free excursions open to all with the Alpine guides they Mid-mountain guides from Lombardy. The 26 scheduled appointments, suitable for families with children, mountain beginners but also the most experienced, will take place in the regional and national parks located in the mountain area.

The initiative, organized in collaboration with the DFS Sport and Major Sporting Events of the Lombardy Region, aims to promote the conscious use of the natural spaces of the region and to spread a correct approach to outdoor activities, a primary requirement for personal safety. in undertaking any activity in the natural environment.

The excursions will be distributed in different provinces of Lombardy and will be held on weekends from July to September. They will be 7 in the province of Bergamo, 6 in the province of Sondrio, 5 in the province of Brescia, 4 in the province of Lecco, 2 in the province of Varese, 1 in the province of Como And 1 in the province of Pavia.

The complete list of excursion destinations and dates can be found on the website of the Lombardy Alpine Guide College.

It starts with 5 appointments Sunday 3 Julythe date on which the Regional day for the mountains, established by the Lombardy Region to promote and enhance mountain areas. The goals will be:

– Vacca Lake, at the foot of the Cornone di Blumone – Adamello (BS)
– Passo San Marco Balicco refuge between Valle del Bitto di Albaredo and Val Brembana Orobie Bergamasche (BG)
– Glaciological path to the Forni glacier – Stelvio (SO)
– From Rasa di Varesa to Mount Martica – Campo dei Fiori (VA)
– Pialeral ring – Brunino – Prabello – Alpe Cova – Northern Grigna (LC)

Who can participate

Zumella. Source Guide of Lombardy

The excursions stand out for different durations and difficultiesso that everyone can choose the one that best suits their abilities and characteristics. Children aged 10 and over can also participate: children between the ages of 10 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who takes their place, while from the age of 14 upwards it is sufficient that they present the specific form completed and signed by the parent (available on the Collegio website Lombardy Alpine Guides on all excursion registration pages).


The days are completely free, registrations are carried out directly on the College website where you can also find all the information.

Registrations will close when the maximum number of participants is reached or in any case on the Thursday preceding the day of the excursion.

Given the high demand that each year characterizes this initiative and since each event is necessarily open to a limited number of participants, those who register are required to present themselves or to cancel it as early as possible, to allow other people to register and the best possible organization by the many professionals involved in the initiative.

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