Finance: in Veneto over 47 thousand inspections in 17 months. Zaia: Presidium of legality | TgPadova

Finance: in Veneto over 47 thousand inspections in 17 months. Zaia: Presidium of legality | TgPadova
Finance: in Veneto over 47 thousand inspections in 17 months. Zaia: Presidium of legality | TgPadova

In the last 17 monthsthe Guardia di Finanza del Veneto performed a total of 47,194 inspections and 4,249 investigations to contrast economic-financial offenses and the infiltration of crime into the economy.
The data was revealed by the regional commander, general Giovanni Mainolfi, on the occasion of the 248th anniversary of the foundation of the Corps. Investigative activities allowed to ascertain fraud for 300 million euros in building and energy matters, with the seizure of over 80 million non-existent credits. The military also have identified 397 tax evaders and 2,350 ‘illegal’ workers, and arrested 47 people for tax offenses.
As part of the correct distribution of non-repayable grants and assisted bank loans, the Finance Department carried out 1,134 checks and reported 157 people for undue receipt of over € 60 million. With regard to public expenditure, 3,250 interventions were carried out and damages of 2.7 million euro were found to the public health system.
The Corps was also particularly active in the field of money laundering and self-laundering: 202 interventions were followed by the denunciation of 612 people, the arrest of 14, and the seizure of assets worth over 154 million euros. On the other hand, the value of assets seized for bankruptcy crimes amounted to 6.2 million, out of a total of distracted assets of over 528 million euros. Finally, the Regional Yellow Flames Alpine Rescue carried out 211 interventions, which allowed a total of 226 people to be rescued.

THE CONGRATULATIONS OF ZAIA “Two hundred and forty-eight years of life are one important milestone for an institution. As important as the results that the Guardia di Finanza scored in defense of legality. Thinking that in the last 17 months over 47,000 interventions and over 4000 investigations have been carried out in Veneto to combat illegal activities with particular attention to the infiltration of crime into the economy, I express my congratulations and thanks on behalf of the Venetians at the top and to the whole Corps who a defense of legality and safety for citizens is confirmed “.
They are words of the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia. “The feast of Yellow Flames it is a relevant anniversary for the whole community – he continues -. The body is one of highly professional companies and increasingly in step with the times which operate to guarantee society and its life in compliance with the law. A wealth of experience and expertise with which, this year, the Region has also signed a protocol in order to favor the exchange of information in relation to the interventions financed by the NRP and thus ensure a reciprocal flow of useful news and data to the aim of greater effectiveness in the pursuit of their respective institutional purposes “.
The celebration of the body, adds Zaia, “gives me the opportunity to reconfirm my gratitude for this synergy because when it comes to available resources, in fact, the correct way is to work together so that opportunities are truly the object of investment and growth. for the community, without spreading concerns but protecting decent people. After two years of pandemic – he concludes – I would like to thank all the Financiers for their commitment in this situation and for what every day contributes to the safety of citizens on the territory. But I would also like to formulate one as president of the most touristic region of Italy and land of the Dolomites, Unesco heritage. The data tells us that the Alpine Rescue of the Yellow Flames in Veneto has rescued 226 people with 211 interventions “.

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