Record heat, black out in eastern Veneto: former footballer suffering from ALS saved by the generator

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The intervention of the volunteers of the Civil Protection, in aid of Jacopo Barbaro’s request for help

In Cavallino Jacopo Barbaro, 46 ​​years old with ALS, rescued thanks to the machinery purchased with the cents donated

Giovanni Cagnassi Francesco Macaluso

June 24, 2022

HORSE. Two blackouts in San Donà and Cavallino on Tuesday evening. And precisely in Cavallino, the use of a 2200 watt generator, purchased thanks to the collection of cents donated to Uildm in supermarkets, was decisive in saving the life of Jacopo Barbaro, a former footballer paralyzed by the SLA.

The race against time by the civil protection group “Civici Pompieri di Cavallino-Treporti”, on the recommendation of the family of the 46-year-old former footballer who has lived with the SLA for 18 years, took place at 9.45pm

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