Chambers of commerce: Cosenza, Calabria exports jump in 2021, + 33% – Pianeta Chambers (of commerce)

Chambers of commerce: Cosenza, Calabria exports jump in 2021, + 33% – Pianeta Chambers (of commerce)
Chambers of commerce: Cosenza, Calabria exports jump in 2021, + 33% – Pianeta Chambers (of commerce)

(ANSA) – COSENZA, 23 JUN – Calabrian export leap in 2021 for a total value of 547 million, with a growth of 32.9% compared to 2020. The region has been able to react to the challenges and unknowns related to the pandemic and the rise in inflation mainly due to the sale of products abroad from manufacturing, agriculture, chemicals and ferrous materials, as well as precious base metals.

Despite the excellent results of last year, the new criticalities that characterize the international economic scenario today require rethinking on the export strategies of Italian and Calabrian companies, in particular.

Central remains the role of tools to support internationalization and a greater drive towards digitalization to continue to preside over the markets traditionally linked to our exports and to intercept new opportunities in economies with greater development potential, in the awareness that products linked to the territory and to our local culture make Made in Italy a unique and appreciated brand in the world.

This was discussed today in Cosenza on the occasion of the meeting “Made in Italy, what future? Export the excellence of the territory between digitization and new global challenges”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza, in collaboration with Promos Italia – National Agency of the Chamber System for Internationalization.

Among the speakers, who contributed to providing a picture of the situation, Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Region, Klaus Algieri, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza; Giovanni Da Pozzo, president of Promos Italia; Federico Rampini, Corriere della Sera columnist and essayist; Franco Moscetti, president of Ovs, Corrado Paina, director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Toronto. As evidence of the Calabrian entrepreneurial excellence that export abroad, Enrico Parisi, owner of the Azienda Agricola Parisi Enrico – Luigi Renzelli, partner and R&D manager of Coveser srl.

“Internationalization is a challenge that can be won – declares Klaus Algieri, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza – the percentage growth of Calabrian exports in the last year was among the highest in Italy, demonstrating the fact that our companies have all the necessary dynamism. A dynamism that must, however, be supported by intervening to quickly fill the objective infrastructural gaps that characterize our territory, both from the point of view of physical and digital networks. We need to support companies by providing them with tools, knowledge and information – adds Algieri – and this is one of the reasons for our collaboration with Promos Italia here in Cosenza and for meetings like the one today. But perhaps, even more, it is necessary to trigger new cultural mechanisms, to look differently, and with greater self-esteem, to what we are and what we have and do, and start thinking that when one of our he company manages to build and maintain successful international relations, when a product of this company manages to establish itself on international markets, it is not the single company or the single product, but the whole idea of ​​Calabria that crosses the border with its dress improve.” “Our priority is to provide companies with tools and solutions to start or strengthen their export processes and improve their skills in the digital field – declares Giovanni Da Pozzo, President of Promos Italia – and thanks to the work done by the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza we support companies directly in the area, aware of the need to bring out the still unexpressed entrepreneurial potential of Cosenza, and more generally of Calabria, through dedicated policies and guaranteeing constant support. In this sense Promos Italia has developed, together with the Camerale Cosentino, a Plan for the South, which will be operational as early as the next few weeks, with the aim of strengthening assistance to companies in their export processes and enhancing the excellence of the territory “.

The Plan for the Mezzogiorno envisages strengthening synergies with the stakeholders in the area; implement accompanying actions on foreign markets; mapping the opportunities for accessing subsidized finance instruments for exports and investments, with particular reference to the resources of the NRP; guarantee assistance in the formulation of calls for internationalization; organize training courses dedicated to young entrepreneurs and develop a communication plan that enhances the excellence of the territory.

Returning to the export data, the growth in exports recorded in Calabria in 2021 not only places the region among those that have done better than the national average of 2020 (+ 18.2%) but also leads it to a +13.9 % compared to 2019. It is a sign that even in Calabria exports continue to recover and are back above pre-Covid levels. (HANDLE).

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