M5S split: Calabria, the 2 regional councilors remain

M5S split: Calabria, the 2 regional councilors remain
M5S split: Calabria, the 2 regional councilors remain

(ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, 23 JUN – The two regional councilors of Calabria del Movim, 5-star group, the group leader Davide Tavernise and Francesco Afflitto, do not leave the movement and are openly siding with Giuseppe Conte. Their position, in this sense, is clear-cut. Tavernise, in a post on Facebook, reproaches Di Maio, in particular, for not allowing him to become a regional councilor on the occasion of the elections two years ago, when, writes the head of the M5s group addressing directly to Di Maio, “you abandoned three days before the elections in Calabria, resigning as political leader, a group of young people who were candidates with the Movement and who, because of you, were unable to enter the Region for a handful of votes. Despite everything, a year later – adds Tavernise – I I was elected regional councilor and today you are leaving the Movement for an armchair.
I also often wanted to emulate you. You were an example to follow, a boy who started from nothing and became a Minister. Today, however, I tell you that you and I have nothing in common because you have only used the Movement. I, on the other hand, have only served him and continue to do so. You will be remembered as yet another traitor, even if I say that the problems of the Movement are not solved today with your exit or with the exit of other parliamentarians. The 5-star Movement must change otherwise today not only Luigi Di Maio dies politically but the whole Movement. Today even honest people are leaving, who have truly fought for the good of their region and their territories “.
Even more explicit, in favor of Conte, is the position of Francesco Afflitto. “I believed and still believe – says Afflitto – in the values ​​of the 5-star Movement since it was born. Therefore, I am and remain in the movement, whoever is its political leader. In this case it is Conte, whom I met during the electoral campaign. I have no intention, present and future, of leaving the Movement. The coordinators can be criticized as much as you want, but we must keep the bar straight on the values ​​of the 5-star Movement. The M5s regional group of Calabria therefore remains compact “. (HANDLE).

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