A divine solstice in Barletta, between inclusive fashion and food and wine Made in Puglia with Nancy Dell’Olio

A divine solstice in Barletta, between inclusive fashion and food and wine Made in Puglia with Nancy Dell’Olio
A divine solstice in Barletta, between inclusive fashion and food and wine Made in Puglia with Nancy Dell’Olio

“I am very happy to have celebrated the Divine of the South and to have borne my testimony to the territory”. The ambassador of Puglia in the world said it, Nancy Dell’Olioguest of honor of the evening that celebrated the arrival of summer in Barletta.

“At the Divine Solstice in Barletta I found all the best that Puglia can offer and it was an important evening for all these differently beautiful girls – differently precisely because our welcome in diversity is one of the main values ​​of Puglia. Being here for me on the summer solstice – continued the ambassador – has a very profound meaning, they with their looks and their smiles, their expressions, have really given me so much “.

To the Pier 28 on the day of the summer solstice an exclusive event was staged between inclusive fashion and food and wine all rigorously made in Puglia. Hundreds of people flocked to one of the most chic clubs on the coast, filling the structure in every order of place. All the women of the Divine board presented the evening: Francesca Rodolfohis deputy Agate Olivethe destination manager Rosanna Delvecchio and the event manager Antonella Piccolo.

On the catwalk professional and disabled models and models, in wheelchairs, oncology, with Down syndrome, foreign and curvy (as it has always been in the nature of Divine), to celebrate this summer’s fashion, including sumptuous formal dresses and sophisticated casuals , costumes, bags and designer jewels. They welcomed the summer by parading among the Apulian delicacies prepared and offered for the occasion, in a path that had as its sole objective the exaltation of Puglia, among oil, wine, dairy and bakery products, sweets and fruit season, with the utmost respect for the environment.

Giuseppe De Nittis, Leontine and the little Jacques, actors dressed in theme thanks to very faithful reproductions, in a singular stage representation of the famous painting “Breakfast in the Garden” by De Nittis, a real gem in his hometown.

“We did not expect so many people, seeing people standing crowded all the time the structure excited me a lot, in a moment that was aggregation, party, fashion and good food to celebrate our personal welcome to summer – said Francesca Rodolfo, president of Divine del Sud -.

An honor for us to have honored the ambassador of Puglia in the world, Dr. Nancy Dell’Olio, with our recognition. A small recognition but of inestimable emotional and moral value, given by our special kids .. it was really done with the heart. Thanks again to Giuseppe Dipaola – continued Dr. Rodolfo – for having contributed to realizing our dream and that of our children: to feel the protagonists of an evening dedicated to them, among music, perfumes, flavors and traditions of Puglia “.

The enhancement of the territory and of excellence, of small entrepreneurs and artisans also passes through events of this type, which is why the evening also took part in Teresa Caradonnapresident of Small Industry of Confindustria.

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