180,000 drink it every day

180,000 drink it every day
180,000 drink it every day

The African heat increases the consumption of beer, with 180 thousand Apulians who consume it every day, equal to 4.6%, 11% of Apulians drink it seasonally and 34% rarely, a trend that has also caused the phenomenon to explode of craft and agricultural beers. This is what Coldiretti Puglia affirms, based on Istat data on beer consumption in Puglia, on the occasion of the National Craft Beer Day.

“Microbreweries in Puglia have reached 110, with the provinces of Bari and Lecce leading the regional ranking of the areas where the brewing activity has taken off, with respectively 42 and 31 companies, followed by Foggia with 17 breweries, Taranto 15 and Brindisi 5.

The new trend is’ Km0 agricultural beer ‘, an increasingly’ smart ‘product invented by Apulian farms, which plays well on the front of taste and innovation, such as artichoke beer, wheat beer’ Cappelli ‘, fig beer, rather than hemp beer ”, explains the President of Coldiretti Puglia, Savino Muraglia.

This is why the Consortium for the protection of Made in Italy craft beer was born, which guarantees the origin of raw materials, from hops to barley and craftsmanship against the proliferation of fake craft beers and the approval of major world brands.

The Consorzio Birra Italiana for the protection and promotion of Italian craft beer aims to tell and promote, in Italy and abroad, the quality of raw materials and Italian craft beers, a true element of distinction and connection with the Italian territory favoring the cultivation of barley, from which the malt is obtained, and hops, the main basic materials for the preparation of the popular drink.

The Consortium supports breweries in sourcing Italian raw materials, from the supply chain traced and guaranteed with the associates who undertake to use at least 51% of Italian raw material in their production, creating a supply chain from the field to the mug with an increasingly close collaboration with the Italian growers of barley and hops. The success of national beers has already favored the production of Italian malt.

In addition to making a useful contribution to the economy, craft beer also represents a strong boost to employment especially among the under 35s – adds Coldiretti Puglia – who are the most active in the sector with profound innovations ranging from certification of origin per kilometer. zero to the direct link with farms, but also the production of highly distinctive specialties or innovative distribution forms such as “brewpubs” or the farmers’ markets of Campagna Amica.

Consumption – explains Coldiretti regional – over the years has become increasingly refined and aware with the search for particular varieties and a Made in Italy artisan production, a desire for taste that has gone hand in hand – explains Coldiretti – with the boom of craft breweries. , quadrupled in the last ten years, going from just over 200 to over 860 between brew pubs, where it is also possible to consume the beer produced on site and micro breweries of which 1 out of 4 agricultural with 55 million liters produced.

New professional figures are also emerging – recalls Coldiretti Puglia – such as the “beer sommelier” who knows the historical fundamentals of the various styles of beers and is able to interpret, through appropriate observation and tasting techniques, the main characteristics of style, taste, composition, color, body, scents on the nose and palate and identify any defects, as well as suggesting the ideal combinations of the different types of beer with first courses, meat or fish and also with desserts. Beer is increasingly a tasting drink with references to the territory and Made in Italy, two characteristics evoked, not always by the way – concludes the regional Coldiretti – by labels and advertisements even by major industrial brands.

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