A young man anxious about his high school leaving school in Ancona

It is announced that yesterday evening, personnel of the State Police intervened in the Pietralacroce area for a family quarrel.

Arriving at the scene, the policemen tracked down the applicant, a 55-year-old woman, who reported to the operators that her son, in a strong state of anxiety due to the high school exams, had lost control shortly before, escaping and breaking some furnishings. The policemen then calmed the young man, who had minor injuries to his hands, caused by having broken, among other things, a glass cup. The young man’s mother, in her early twenties, reported that she had only been in a strong state of agitation but she had not been subjected to violence or anything else by her son. The policemen therefore, having made sure that the young man had calmed down, left the apartment.

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