Garofalo chose Minervino from Abruzzo. Bad slap in the Marche

ANCONA – Storm coming to thePort Authority. The president Vincenzo Garofalo in fact sent the convocation of the Management Committee for next 29 June. The item? Appointment of the general secretary. After announcement public on 9 May and the presentation of 19 curricula, the president AP chose the name of the new general secretary to be proposed to the Management Committee, which will have to vote on him.

The indication should correspond to that of the vessel captain Salvatore Minervino, from June 2020 maritime director of Abruzzo. Minervino was favored as general secretary when he was appointed African, then nothing came of it. Immediately after the appointment of Garofalo as AP president by the minister Giovannini, the name of Minervino was back in pole position. A hypothesis more than supported by the Abruzzo governor Marsilio (Fdi).

The absence
But that would represent a resounding slap in the face of the Marche, effectively excluded from the governance of one of the main industries (the contribution of the port of Ancona to the regional GDP is 2.7%). A decision that sounds unacceptable looking at the strength of the numbers. The Marche ports (Ancona in the lead) pull the rest of the port system with 90% of traffic: 2.71 million tons of goods in the first quarter (Ortona 320,234 tons), 42,107 containers, 76,659 passengers. But practically outside the control room, once the presidency of Rodolfo Giampieri from Ancona ended, thanks to whom the relationship with the city was also mended after years of divisions. After the setback of an appointment blocked by crossed vetoes, a long commissioner and the risk of losing important trains also for infrastructures, Ancona and the Marches on their assets now seem destined to suffer the inputs of the Abruzzo Region. The Marche Region, unlike Abruzzo, has not in fact yet appointed its own member in the Port Management Committee, the parliamentary member who votes for the most important acts of the PA.

At the end of May, the Abruzzo Region appointed Gennaro Strever to the Committee where Alessio Piancone (Municipality of Ancona), Raniero De Angelis (Municipality of Pesaro), Riccardo Padovano (Municipality of Pescara) and Donato De Carolis (Maritime Director of Ancona) sit since 28 April ). And the Marche Region? So far he has left his chair empty. With the probability of not voting on the Secretary General’s proposal. “The President Ap autonomously chooses the secretary, the Region does not interfere”, Governor Acquaroli repeated yesterday. «I think it is important that for the appointment of the general secretary and for the many important decisions that must be taken, all the members of the Committee have been appointed – remarks Valeria Mancinelli, mayor of Ancona – still today the essential one of the Marche Region is missing. It is true that the committee can deliberate even if not all the appointments have been made, but it is essential that such strategic decisions for the future of the port are taken without that empty chair. That’s no good. I don’t know who will be proposed on the merits. It is essential that the choice is based on real and proven competence. It is enough for me to know the many problems to be faced on the main port of the Adsp, or Ancona, to say that competence must be the only real requirement. Certainly not other logics, as I have often reiterated ».

But the Port Authority is shaking the waters of politics. “With the failure to appoint its own delegate, the Marche Region risks not participating in the work of the PA and its strategic choices,” said Anna Casini, deputy leader of the Pd group in the regional council. “An inexplicable and reprehensible fact as never before is it essential that the Authority operates to its full potential” added Casini who presented a question signed by the entire democrat group.


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