Gdf: in Piedmont-Vda 39,394 inspections in 17 months

Gdf: in Piedmont-Vda 39,394 inspections in 17 months
Gdf: in Piedmont-Vda 39,394 inspections in 17 months

11:14 Thursday June 23 2022

In 2021 and in the first five months of 2022, the departments of the Piedmont – Valle d’Aosta regional command of the financial police carried out 39,394 inspections and 3,433 investigations to combat economic-financial offenses and the infiltration of crime into the economy: ” a commitment – it is highlighted – to protect families and businesses, destined to further intensify to ensure the correct allocation of the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “. The data is provided in view of the 248th anniversary of the founding of the Gdf, in the presence of the Piedmont-Valle d’Aosta regional commander, division general Benedetto Lipari, and the highest local authorities, in the Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia Duca d’Aosta barracks. The investigative and analysis activities on tax credits have made it possible to ascertain undue compensation for over 15 million euros, with seizures already carried out for 10.5 million. The commitment to protect the correct destination of the measures introduced by the emergency legislation did not concern only tax bonuses, but also non-repayable contributions and guaranteed bank loans, subject to almost 1,000 checks, which led to the denunciation of more than 149 people for the undue request or receipt of over 74 million. In the field of money laundering and self-laundering, 104 interventions were carried out, with the denunciation of 245 people, of which 64 arrested, and the seizure of assets for over 46.5 million, while 3 were arrested for usury. The mountain rescue of the financial police, through its 6 stations located in the Piedmontese and Aosta Valley Alps, carried out 392 rescue interventions in the mountains which allowed 413 people to be rescued.

The anniversary, deeply felt by the Yellow Flames on duty and by those on leave, represented by the National Financiers Association of Italy (Anfi-sections of Turin and Aosta), will see the participation, in the parade ground of the barracks, of all the provincial commanders and the territorial commander of Aosta, the commanders of the departments at the headquarters, a representation of soldiers serving in the Piedmontese capital as well as the Fanfare of the Italian Army’s Taurinense Alpine Brigade, which will provide its contribution for the musical accompaniment. During the ceremony, preceded by a moment of meditation dedicated to the deposition of a laurel wreath at the foot of the National Flag, in honor of the soldiers of the Corps who have fallen into service and in the fulfillment of their duty, the message of the president of the Repubblica and the special agenda of the commander general of the financial police, to then continue with the delivery of some moral rewards to the particularly distinguished soldiers in service.

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