Six young companies from the Varese area financed by the Rural Development Plan of the Lombardy Region –

Six young companies from the Varese area financed by the Rural Development Plan of the Lombardy Region –
Six young companies from the Varese area financed by the Rural Development Plan of the Lombardy Region –

“The current difficulties of the agricultural sector testify to the need for a profound process of innovation. This is why generational change plays a fundamental role. Having girls and boys in agriculture means bringing different entrepreneurial ideas, vision of the future and new energies”. This was stated by the Councilor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems of the Lombardy Region, Fabio Rolfi, regarding the allocation, as part of the Rural Development Program (RDP), of 5.4 million euros for the establishment of new holdings by young farmers.

SUPPORT FROM 40 TO 50,000 EURO – “We finance not only start-ups, but we also encourage – added Rolfi – the takeover of young people in family farms, to ensure continuity for businesses and supply chains. With this new measure they rise to 1,500 the young businesses that we have encouraged in this program, with a total investment of 45 million euros. An incentive of 40,000 euros is provided for young agricultural entrepreneurs in the plains, while for those who decide to open a business in the mountains, 50,000 ” .

4 MILLION TO MODERN AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTES – “Alongside the creation of new companies, we have made an important investment of 4 million euros in state agricultural institutes in Lombardy – the commissioner Rolfi recalled, in conclusion – to modernize the teaching equipment. we will repeat this year too: we must shorten the distance between school and work, introducing innovative machinery in agricultural institutes that are now used every day “.

COMPANIES FINANCED BY PROVINCE AND TOTAL AMOUNT ALLOCATED – Below is the number of companies financed by province and the amount allocated:

Bergamo (16 companies), 770,000 euros;

Brescia (27 companies), 1,200,000 euros;

Como (8 companies), 370,000 euros;

Cremona (7 companies), 280,000 euros;

Lecco (4 companies), 200,000 euros;

Lodi (3 companies), 130,000 euros;

Monza and Brianza (2 companies), 80,000 euros;

Milan (4 companies), 160,000 euros;

Mantua (18 companies), 720,000 euros;

Pavia (14 companies), 600,000 euros;

Sondrio (11 companies), 550,000 euros;

Varese (6 companies), 300,000 euros.

Total 120 companies, 5,360,000 euros.

COMPANIES FINANCED BY PROVINCE AND TOTAL AMOUNT DESTINED FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE 2014-2022 RDP – Details of the companies financed by province from the beginning of the 2014-2020 RDP and the total amount allocated:

Bergamo (314 companies), 10,330,000 euros;

Brescia (300 companies), € 9,050,000;

Como (71 companies), 2,410,000 euros;

Cremona (63 companies), 1,620,000 euros;

Lecco (36 companies) 1,140,000 euros;

Lodi (21 companies), 610,000 euros;

Monza and Brianza (13 companies), 450,000 euros;

Milan (32 companies), 820,000 euros;

Mantua (190 companies), € 4,580,000;

Pavia (196 companies), € 5,290,000;

Sondrio (216 companies), 7,400,000 euros;

Varese (34 companies), 1,190,000 euros.

Total 1,486 companies, 44,890,000 euros.

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