With wine and hospitality, Paternoster puts Basilicata at the center

With wine and hospitality, Paternoster puts Basilicata at the center
With wine and hospitality, Paternoster puts Basilicata at the center

Pater Noster puts Basilicata at the center with a new project dedicated to incoming in the cellar. The reality of Barile (Potenza), in orbit with the group Tommasi since 2016, it has in fact made an investment of around two million euros for the reconstruction of Villa del Barone Rotondo and the adjoining cellar, both located in the area of ​​the Paternoster headquarters overlooking the Vulture volcano.

The first, and therefore the villa, will be dedicated to the “reception and high-end service dedicated to the guests of the cellar and beyond”, as explained in Pambianco Wine & Food by the oenologist Fabio Mecca-Paternoster. Along the three floors of the structure, the idea is to create a wine shop / wine shop in which to taste and buy the wines of the Tommasi group; a luxury restaurant with which to “immediately aim for the star”; and three rooms for overnight stays.

The Barone’s cellar, on the other hand, will be used for the refinement of the Barone Rotondo, which will be tasted exclusively here. And this wine will be another of the novelties that, together with the villa and the cellar, will see the light in 2025, the year in which the company will celebrate the hundredth anniversary of its foundation. The Barone Rotondo, in particular, is the result of the adjustment of Rotondo, a wine already produced by the company. “The will was to create a wine that would give even more prestige and nobility to this place”, specifies the oenologist. “When we made the discovery of the Barone Rotondo cellar it was instinctive to think of something to celebrate it and therefore we decided to modify the Rotondo making it a superior reserve”.

The new Rotondo will therefore also be positioned above Don Anselmo, Aglianico del Vutlure Doc, the company’s flagship wine which takes its name from the founder of Paternoster and which is made only in the best vintages and in a number of bottles that varies between 9-12 thousand depending on the harvest.

With a view to a “totally new strategy”, wine and hospitality therefore travel in unison in the Paternoster home. The company, in fact, started about 10 years ago to attract guests to the cellar with visits and tastings but it is in the last three years, also thanks to the pandemic, that hospitality has grown and, by 2025, will see its full expression. Until now, visitors are 80% Italian and 20% foreign, all sharing a medium-high knowledge of wine.

Paternoster currently produces about 120 thousand bottles a year but “the desire would be to reach 200 thousand, as there are active negotiations for the purchase of new land”. All of these are distributed in the horeca world and above all in Italy, which generates about 60% of revenues, with a propensity for the regions of Southern Italy such as Basilicata, Puglia and Campania and Rome city.

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