Legno Servizi Fvg: My forest belongs to everyone, on tour in bookstores and schools in Fvg – Nordest24

Legno Servizi Fvg: My forest belongs to everyone, on tour in bookstores and schools in Fvg – Nordest24
Legno Servizi Fvg: My forest belongs to everyone, on tour in bookstores and schools in Fvg – Nordest24

“We must listen to the forest”, he suggested Mario Rigoni Stern, unforgotten singer of the plateau. The forest, however, is not only whispers, voices, hums, silences, but also a place for relationships. The journalist and forestry doctor tells this very well Luigi Torreggiani in his recent novel: “My forest belongs to everyone”. A book for children (and parents, and teachers), a story of friendship, love, play, trees, woods, wood and respect for the environment. A comparison between two different visions of the relationship between human beings and nature that collide and meet, learning to dialogue and live together. A volume published by the Compagnia delle Foreste (Arezzo) that the Legno Servizi Fvg di Tolmezzo cooperative has adopted precisely because of its widely usable, current and fresh content.

“I wrote a children’s novel because I have a lot of faith in them for the future.

But I also wrote it because, for some time now, I have observed that alongside a new and positive environmental sensitivity on the part of the younger generations there is not as much education in complexity – observes the author -. There is often a lot of distance, material and cultural, between the city and the mountains, between most of our homes and our woods. This book tries to tell, through a story of young people, that in the concept of “Sustainable Forest Management” there is room for everyone and that the mountains have a future, which is our future ».

“Sometimes, public opinion is divided between those who condemn the abandonment of the forest and those who, on the contrary, are horrified by the cutting of a tree – he adds Carlo Piemonte, president of Legno Servizi Fvg -. There is also, however, a middle way, which passes through the care of our forests by applying the rules of sustainable management since, let’s face it, you can’t live without wood. Torreggiani’s novel tries to argue on these issues, addressing above all to children and proposing to them the acquisition of greater awareness. We loved this look and so we decided to take it around the region’s libraries and cultural festivals (with the first stop in Trieste, on 24 June, at 6.30 pm, at the ancient San Marco café and bookshop in via Battisti, in the company of the author) and to transform it into a didactic tool for schools, combined with a series of information sheets that will be freely available at the beginning of the next school year, developed in collaboration with Torreggiani himself. The classes will thus have at their disposal valid knowledge materials on forest management and the interaction of citizens with trees, supported and aided by the forestry experts of Legno Servizi Fvg. We believe it is positive – this is the conclusion of Piemonte – to tell the stories of well-managed woods rather than those that are invasive and abandoned to themselves and useful to no one ».

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